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Fan Favorite Fire Features

October 4, 2021
built-in L-shaped cobbled paver patio with custom fire table

Who decides when Pumpkin Spice Season starts? It seems to get earlier and earlier each year with everything from pumpkin latte car air fresheners to pumpkin spice pizza creeping onto the scene as early as late July. It’s nothing like Fireplace Season, which officially starts when you feel the summer heat slowly dissipate and the crisp fall air slowly descends from the north to make us yearn for toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and good conversation all enjoyed amidst flickering firelight. Since the prehistoric times, man’s been drawn together by fire whether for warmth, cooking or protection. Today, using superior function and design, Belgard has elevated the fire pit in both comfort and aesthetics to give homeowners yet another outdoor setting to share good times with family and friends. Here are a few of our designs over the past year that our social media followers cited as their absolute favorites.

A Place to Reflect

fan favorite Bordeaux Fire Feature

Here, our Tandem Wall surrounds Lafitt Rustic Slab and London Cobble, which all share space with Marina Coping around the pool. The entire area is anchored by the stunning Bordeaux Fireplace to offer a place where peaceful moments can be shared whether it’s during the hectic holiday season or just a random Friday night. Here’s to those moments and the places we find them. Social media followers echoed these sentiments with comments like, “what a gorgeous setting,” “dreamlike,” “so peaceful,” and “heavenly.”

The Colors of the Season

marigold complimented fan favorite fire feature

A splash of Belgard’s 2021 Color of the Year, Marigold, is the perfect complement for outdoor kitchens, fire pit seating, and evenings enjoying the trickling sounds of a gorgeous water feature. The Laffit Grana Slab and Tandem Wall surrounds this fire pit, which offers a modern touch along with multiple spaces for guests to visit close to the flames or farther off for private conversations. Our social media followers agreed, calling this unique fire pit setting “cozy,” “beautiful,” “such a fantastic space,” and “great sunken fire pit.”

Artistic Masterpiece

This eye-catching custom fire pit breaks a few classic design rules but does it oh so well. So many different design elements and textures, yet they all work together in complete harmony. A swath of wood-style porcelain pavers curves through the stone-textured paver field to lead the eye directly to the fire pit and sitting area. The stone and wood textures of the manufactured materials work together with natural stone and wood design elements to create a space that elegantly flows together with the surrounding landscape. What did our followers have to say? “Beautiful,” “a masterpiece,” “one beautiful fireplace,” “can’t wait until winter to sit with you around the fire! I’ll bring the Hot Buttered Rum!”

Backyard Bliss

There are special moments when all you can hear is the last of the snowfall floating down to earth, the rustle of a light wind and the crackling of a fire. Those moments are easy to savor with this fire pit and rustic A-frame covering centered around our Bristol Fireplace and supported by a bed of Lafitt Rustic Slab pavers. Our social media friends’ comments were brief, but deep. “So cozy,” “divine,” “peaceful,” “breathtaking,” “a wonderland.”

Mountainside Retreat

Time comes to a standstill in this lovely backyard destination spot. The stone-like textures of the Dublin Cobble and Celtik Wall hardscapes pair with natural stone and wood to create the aesthetic that this fire pit patio was carved directly out of the mountainside. Social media fans of this set-up said, “Ahh…mazing!” “Whaaaat? “That is perfect!” “I want to be there!”


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