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7 Jaw-Dropping Custom Fire Pit Patios Made with Pavers

August 1, 2020

Room with a View

Just look at that view! The classic styling of this fire pit patio design is purposefully simple to avoid detracting from the surrounding lakeside vista. The paver walkway incorporates natural stone textures that blend effortlessly with the surroundings. A circular landscape wall defines the space and sets it off as a destination spot. The weathered stone used for the fire pit and wall makes it a timeless viewpoint for carefree boatwatching. Columns add a finished look and enhance the “outdoor room” aesthetic. Products: Weston Stone® wall. Bergerac® pavers.

classic custom fire pit patio with circular wall

Chessboard Anyone?

Ok, how cool is this?! For those who enjoy a leisurely game of chess by the fire pit…well, this custom patio would more likely inspire an aerobic game of chess ending with a shout of “checkmate” from across the cobbled chessboard. The natural variegated color blends of the individual cobbled pavers add visual texture that really brings the chessboard pattern to life. The fire pit itself is made of simple classic wall blocks to keep the design from looking too busy. The arched shape of the fire pit adds a lovely effect that helps it blend seamlessly into the design. Product: Appian-Stone® pavers.

  • Life Size Custom Chessboard Fire Pit Patio
  • Life Size Chessboard Fire Pit Patio Custom
  • Chessboard Fire Pit Patio Custom

Mountainside Retreat

Time comes to a standstill in this lovely backyard destination spot. The stone-like textures of the hardscapes pair with natural stone and wood to create the aesthetic that this fire pit patio was carved directly out of the mountainside. Products: Celtik® Wall and Dublin Cobble® pavers.

Custom Fire Pit Patio Mountainside  Retreat

Fire Table Envy

This L-shaped fire table with its built-in outdoor seating wall is a contemporary twist on the classic fire pit patio. By making the fire pit itself conform to the seating arrangement, every guest has the perfect spot. Polished granite caps the fire table to add a touch of sophistication and makes the ideal tabletop surface. Throw pillows soften the look and make it more inviting. The only thing missing is a nice bottle of wine. Products: Castlemanor® Wall and Appian-Stone® pavers.

  • cobbled paver patio with custom fire table
  • built-in L-shaped cobbled paver patio with custom fire table

Outdoor Sunken Living Room

This stunning outdoor living room features a contemporary gas linear fire pit. The built-in seat wall surrounding the entire fire pit provides ample seating for large groups, encloses the space, and enhances the “outdoor room” aesthetic. The chiseled stone look of the hardscapes add a striking textural element to the design. Lighted landscape columns throughout the space add an elegant finishing touch and additional ambiance. Products: Belair Wall® and Lafitt® Rustic Slab.

fire pit patio with built-in seating

Artistic Masterpiece

This eye-catching custom fire pit breaks a few classic design rules but does it oh so well. So many different design elements and textures, yet they all work together in complete harmony. A swath of wood-style porcelain pavers curves through the stone-textured paver field to lead the eye directly to the fire pit and sitting area. The stone and wood textures of the manufactured materials work together with natural stone and wood design elements to create a space that elegantly flows together with the surrounding landscape. Products: Noon Porcelain Pavers, Urbana Stone® Pavers, Mega-Arbel® Pavers, Castlemanor® Grana wall.

  • wood style porcelain paver fire pit custom
  • stunning custom fire pit patio

Custom Fire Pit Amphitheater

What an amazing idea for a backyard that has a steep change in grade. This homeowner used that grade to an advantage by creating amphitheater style seating walls ideal for large gatherings and outdoor movie nights. The rough-hewn texture of the retaining walls, seat walls and fire pit add a rustic touch that makes a stunning visual impact with the poolscape backdrop. Products: Cambridge Cobble® pavers and Celtik Wall®.

  • Custom Fire Pit Amphitheater Patio Poolscape
  • Custom Fire Pit Seating Wall Patio

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