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Outdoor Hardscaping Cost & Timeline
You have gathered inspiration, and it’s time to get started on your project. What’s next? Before you break ground, you need to run the numbers. This guide will help you visualize the full extent of your upcoming project.
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  • Labor can run as much as 2-3 times material costs.
  • Work with your contractor to determine when payments are due.
  • Research online what typical projects in your area cost.
  • Ask neighbors and friends about their projects to get additional cost ideas.

  • Bigger projects will cost more to install. A fireplace will be significantly more expensive than a fire pit as it requires compliance with specific construction and engineering codes, as well as additional materials.
  • Linear designs that require less cutting and fewer pieces will be less expensive to install than circular or intricate patterns.
  • Leveling your land can be costly, so consider building into the slope with a terraced design.

  • Research various materials costs online, including cost-effective options.
  • Consider planning the project in phases to meet your budget. Make sure the contractor knows about future phases so the space can be prepped for future footings or utilities. Your contractor can also discuss how best to phase the project both from a cost standpoint and with regard to your lifestyle. Proper planning now can save considerable costs and time down the road.

  • Ask about financing options. Belgard Authorized Contractors have access to Belgard Preferred Payment® same-as-cash financing, which may allow you to take advantage of construction efficiencies and avoid having to build in phases.
  • Get quotes from multiple contractors, but don’t always choose the lowest bid. Selection factors also include trust, craftsmanship and professionalism.

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