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Upgrading Your Outdoor Design with Papyrus + Modularity

January 27, 2024

Belgard continues to push boundaries with product development, adding new textures and tones to concrete pavers.  Papyrus™ is the latest addition to Belgard’s modularity platform and the Artisan Collection, which offers new and unique textures designed for contemporary outdoor living. Papyrus is the most innovative paver yet with textures not seen anywhere in the market, providing an excellent option for homeowners looking to add a unique, timeless look to their outdoor space. 

Effortless Biophilic Design 

papyrus, dimensions, paver, modular
Belgard’s newest paver, Papyrus in our consumer favorite color, Scandina Grey

Reminiscent of handmade textiles or dried earth, Papyrus embodies the idea of biophilic design, which centers on the incorporation of natural elements and textures into the built environment. Studies have shown that adding biophilic elements to both interior and exterior design can have a positive effect on both physical and mental health. As interest in biophilic design increases, more homeowners look for ways to incorporate this style in their backyards.

Finding a paver that looks natural and seamlessly blends into your space can be a roadblock in the design process for contractors and homeowners. Whether you’re creating a welcoming patio or a garden pathway, Papyrus blends with the surrounding landscape to offer the look and feel of a hand-tooled stone. This makes Papyrus an ideal solution for those looking for incorporate biophilic elements into a hardscape design.

Modularity and Seamless Design  

Papyrus is the newest texture added to Belgard’s unique modular paver platform and will seamlessly blend with all of Belgard’s modular paver lines. Modular design is key in creating a functional and cohesive outdoor living space with the utmost efficiency and design flexibility.  

The modular format is based on true 3-inch increments and provides homeowners and contractors more creativity in the design process to mix and match pavers. This helps them with finding the right product to suit their style and vision while reducing costs and installation time. The streamlined process can provide contractors with extra time and resources during a project, saving time and money.

Modular Paver Styles:

In addition to Papyrus, Belgard offers a wide variety of shapes, textures and styles that can be mixed and matched to provide unlimited design options.

Dimensions™ offers a smooth texture and clean, crisp lines in a variety of 3-piece systems, as well as planks, slabs and accents.

Origins™ features a natural slate texture and a variety of 3-piece systems and accents.

Brooklyn™ offers a classic cobbled look in a rectangular shape and works well by itself or as an accent or border.

Empire™ features an art deco look in a plank shape with a variety of linear face styles.

Charlestone™ features the look of hand-cobbled stone in a 3-piece system that is ideal for driveways and borders.

Geometric Shapes is ideal for a striking contemporary look and is available in shapes that include Hexagon, Diamond, and multiple sizes of Parallelogram.

Basalt™ features the striking look of flamed or hammered stone and is available in a 3-piece system or singular shapes.

Find Papyrus Through Your Local Dealer  

Belgard is excited to offer Papyrus nationally. Availability of the full modularity platform varies by region. Contact your local dealer to find Papyrus and other modular pavers in your area.  

  • Papyrus Paver from Belgard
  • Papyrus Scandina Grey
  • Papyrus paver texture

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