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Inside Out with Belgard: Science of Design with Mike Peterson

July 7, 2022

In Episode #02 of Inside Out with Belgard, Joe Raboine, Belgard’s Director of Residential Hardscapes, chats with Mike Peterson, Founder and President of the innovative marketing and brand firm Visionary Design Marketing and Co-founder of the Science in Design Summit. Mike brings a unique perspective into the world of outdoor living design with his experience as a keynote speaker and author focusing on the science of design. The discussion is centered around the idea of biophilia as well as the evolution of science-based design and how it impacts the outdoor living industry.

Mike Peterson

Joe and Mike both have an appreciation and passion for biophilic design and the effect it has on our communities, which brings a fascinating science-based perspective to their discussion, exploring a wide variety of topics, including:  

  • The origin and evolution of science-based design and research that proves the importance of the beauty of the natural world
  • Elements of biophilic design, including prospect, refuge, mode of mystery and fractal design
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the outdoor design industry and the growing desire for connection with nature
  • The current state of biophilic design and the effect it can have on the consumer
  • Best practices for professionals to leverage science during design consultations

To finish off the episode, Joe and Mike discuss their motivations in the industry and their desire to share the need for science-based design with all outdoor living experts.

Episode Takeaway: Mike shares an inspiring moment when he realized the connection between beauty, nature and design, and how outdoor living experts can directly improve the health of their clients through biophilic design.

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