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Four Fabulous Fire Feature Flyovers

October 18, 2021
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While the title of this blog may be an amazing achievement in alliteration, the content truly shines as an interesting sneak peek at a variety of fire features from across the country. Using a drone flyover to provide a unique perspective, we are happy to illustrate how different fire pits and fireplaces can literally and figuratively add warmth to an outdoor setting. Whether it’s the centerpiece of your living space or merely an accent, throwing in a little backyard flame  

Water’s View: Fireside Chic  * Modern Touches * Rustic Warmth

Weston Stone wall, Weston Stone Fire pit kit, Mega-Arbel, Marina Coping and Mirage Noon

This cozy respite bridges the gap between the house and the adjacent water providing a place to reminisce or make new memories around the golden glow of a fire. Bring a little warmth to your next chilly night.

Wooded Tranquility: Serenity * Natural * Harmony

Weston Stone Fireplace and Dublin Pavers

This Weston Stone fireplace forms the centerpiece between the beautifully planned landscaping and enchanting forest. There’s nothing like watching the light change in the woods as the shadows slowly envelope the trees. Suddenly, the flicker of the flames reflecting the faces of your fireside companions reminds you how precious these moments are. Enjoy your time together.

Best of Both Worlds: Stunning * Playful * Enduring

Cambridge Cobble, Dublin Cobble, Dublin 6 x 9 accent, Marina Coping and Diamond Pro wall.

Multiple features, hardscapes and textures combine to make a stunning statement that brings traditional summer and winter enjoyment together as one. The pool may be too chilly in the fall (unless it’s heated), but the sound of moving water plays well with the crackle of this unique fire pit, so cheers to both!

Evening Magic: Enchanting * Magical * S’more to Love

Diamond 9D retaining wall, Weston Stone fire pit kit, Dublin circle kit, Agilina Egder, Dimensions12, Dimensions 6 x 9 accents, Marina Coping and Tru-Scape lighting. 

Swimming and lounging in the warmer months give way to a stand-alone fire pit that comes alive in the cooler months providing an outdoor space begging for marshmallow roasts and s’mores extravaganzas. Either season, as the light fades, this romantic enclave leaves the evening for more meaningful conversations and quieter pursuits.


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