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The Virtual Reality Sales Experience: CONTRACTOR TESTIMONIALS

January 29, 2019

To view a sample 360-degree view of a virtual reality outdoor living design from the Belgard Design Studio, click the image and then scroll up and down using your mouse or finger.


Although homeowners typically come to the table with ideas of how they would like their yard to look, they typically don’t have the artistic vision to be able to create an accurate mental picture of their future space. That’s one of the reasons they hire professions—people who DO have artistic vision. However, because of that difference in creative ability, the homeowner and the contractor are not always on the same page. Design sketches help. Two-dimensions renderings will get you a step closer. But nothing compares to the immersive experience of a Virtual Reality design from the Belgard Design Studio.

Getting Started

By submitting photos of the home with simple design sketches, 360-degree immersive design concepts can not only be created, they can help sell the project and even offer upsell opportunities. Once the homeowner puts on the VR goggles and looks up at the sky, down to the pavers, and around the entire design that includes a photorealistic image of their own home in the background, they are suddenly ready for that virtual experience to become real. The best part—these VR renderings are free for installers who participate in the Belgard Contractor Program. But don’t just take our word for it.

See what Belgard Contractors across the country are saying about this powerful sales tool.

The Belgard Design Studio can be beneficial to use for any size project. This homeowner would not have been as happy with the results had they moved forward with this initial design idea. The photo realistic imagery illustrated how the outdoor living space would not look as cohesive without a patio overlay to to complement the addition—thus selling the idea of an upgrade.

“The customer loved it so much, she decided to overlay her existing patio. The project almost doubled in size.”  

— Linda Robus, Dreamscapes Designers (Virginia Beach, VA)

“We sold a project from the VR design, and they then referred me to another patio project that I sold as well.”   

— Jarett Crump, MW Lawn & Landscape, Inc. (Olathe, KS)

This rendering was created for an interior designer who would surely have had no problem visualizing the design on her own. However, the project renderings boosted the professionalism of the pitch, helping to seal the deal and preventing any possible miscommunications regarding the design.

“I was working for almost two months to close a fairly large prospect. The client is an interior designer, and it was critical that we provide a rendering that she could relate to. I am thrilled that we have the Belgard Design Studio as a resource, as I am positive that rendering and VR allowed me to close a $42K Belgard sale.”   

— Karen Skinner, Viking Pavers (Point Richmond, CA)

“The client loved the VR experience! Initially, when he looked at the 3D designs, he thought the pergola was sitting too low because the deck is so high off the back of the house, but once he saw it in VR, it made a lot more sense in terms of perspective. Thank you again for rendering the VR design so quickly, and for making it super quick and easy to set up and use in the Scope app. We will definitely be using this more in the future with our estimates and projects.”   

— Cara Doyle, Summit Lawn and Landscape (Fort Collins, CO)

Sometimes, a design concept looks good on paper. But they also benefit from needed changes that can only been seen once the materials and colors are shown in perspective with the home. Renderings on this project not only sold the homeowner on the color scheme, but significantly upsold the project to include landscaping.

“After seeing the renderings, I knew the client would do it, and so I quickly added a landscape package to the proposal to redo the entire yard and courtyard just like your picture. The original idea was to cover the patio with Catalina Slate pavers for about $3,500. After seeing the renderings, the patio area went to $24,000 which included the River porcelain paversTandem Wall, and the Bordeaux fireplace. They saw the same fireplace at another project with Mountains porcelain pavers, but they ‘couldn’t visualize it’ at their house until this picture. They also took the rest of the landscape package at another $20,000.”  

— Aaron Wolfe, Wickenburg Landscape and Irrigation, Inc. (Wickenburg, AZ)

“Because of the Belgard Design Studio, I have been able to really separate myself from other contractors. My installers and I are able to visualize the project, but the majority of homeowners are not able to do that. I have sold all three projects that they have designed. The reactions and feedback from the customers are awesome! They can’t believe how realistic the renderings are and the amount of detail that goes into each design.”  

— Will Albin, Albin Landscaping Inc. (Princeton, WV)

“The designs look amazing! The job is sold, I just needed this to ‘seal the deal.’ Thank you for getting it to me so quickly.”   

— Lisa Hyland, Abel Landscape Supply (Chico, CA)

“Okay, you nailed it! WOW! Thank you very much. Can’t wait to show them these renderings…how can they resist.”   

— Todd King, System Pavers (Sacramento, CA)

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