Few renovation projects will drastically improve your home’s curb appeal like converting an old stained and cracked concrete driveway to a stunning paver driveway. And nothing transforms an outdated pool like a beautiful contemporary paver pool deck. However, these types of projects typically call for the painstaking, costly and time-consuming process of ripping out that old concrete. Or do they?

Overlay Pavers: Creating a Resilient Bedding Surface

Thanks to the incredible patent-pending formula of Techniseal® DriBond™ advanced mudset, concrete removal is completely unnecessary, as long as the slab is structurally sound. A driveway, patio, walkway or pool deck can be completely transformed in less than 48 hours, and for significantly less cost than concrete removal and replacement.

DriBond installs like sand — filling the cracks and seams of a sound concrete slab — to provide a bedding surface for the installation of thin overlay pavers (including concrete pavers, porcelain pavers, or natural stone.) Activated with water, DriBond sets like concrete to create a durable bond. The result is a stunning outdoor living space with lasting beauty.

Driveway Transformation

Before Driveway Paver Overlay
Driveway thin overlay pavers

Belgard Products that Work with DriBond

(consult a local installer for additional styles in your area)

See DriBond in Action

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For more overlay project ideas, check out this blog on Overlay Transformations, with more before and after pics.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea what about covering Futurastone? ( this is small pebbles covered with an epoxy ) Hope to hear from you! Sincerely, Patricia Losberg

    • The answer to that question depends on the condition of the asphalt and would need to be answered by a qualified contractor who can examine the site in person. To find a Belgard Authorized Contractor in your area, visit our contractor locator page at Belgard.com/locator.

      • My asphalt driveway is in perfect condition, can dribond be use for overlaying it with 2 3/8 laffit Belgard pavers?

        • Unfortunately, because asphalt is oil-based, it’s not a good bonding agent for DriBond. However, there are other options. Please refer to this article on the Belgard Commercial site.

  2. Glad to see u are offering overlay pavers. My wife & I love Classic brick and wanted to suggest that as a product line. I thought that if it can be done on walls then a overlay paver would be a possibility.

    Dan / Phx.

    • I checked with the Techniseal technical team and am told that DriBond has not been tested for that scenario. To be safe, you would probably do well to scrape the cool deck coating off of the concrete prior to application.

  3. I’m getting ready to do this but have one concern.
    How do you deal with the transition from the driveway to the street, garage and other walkways?

    • Excellent question! I will reach out to our installation experts and get back with you shortly.

    • Regarding the transitions, here are your options:
      1) Leave a lip and have the garage door company adjust the height.
      2) Grind down the concrete on the ends to adjust for the height difference.
      3) Pour concrete edging to create a softer edge.
      4) You can break up and re-pour the concrete near the transitions. This would be a last resort.
      For each of these, make sure you’re not creating a drainage issue with the transition.

      • Regarding the transitions, here are your options:
        1) Leave a lip and have the garage door company adjust the height.
        2) Grind down the concrete on the ends to adjust for the height difference.
        3) Pour concrete edging to create a softer edge.
        4) You can break up and re-pour the concrete near the transitions. This would be a last resort.
        For each of these, make sure you’re not creating a drainage issue with the transition.

  4. We installed Laffit overlay pavers over a concrete pool deck. How do we keep the paver sand from washing out around the exterior edges?

    • When you install an overlay with DriBond, it applies like sand, but is activated with water and sets like concrete so erosion of the bedding material is not an issue. If you used a standard sand bedding layer, I’ll have to check with my team and see if they have a solution for you.

  5. Can i install the 3/4 inch porcelain tile using a standard tile setting installation? we are tile setters and the customer wants us to set it on a covered patio that has a solid concrete slab.

    • 3/4 inch porcelain pavers can be installed over sound concrete using sand or adhesive as described in this porcelain paver installation guide. Another option would be to use Techniseal DriBond mudset, which applies like sand and hardens like concrete when activated with water. The benefits to using DriBond versus another adhesive is that it applies much more quickly, and it fills in any existing cracks in the concrete. For more information, contact your local Belgard rep at 877-BELGARD or 877-235-4273.

      • So you can use Techniseal DriBond mud to set/adhere the porcelain paver to the concrete? I did not see that listed as an option in the porcelain pacer installation guide.

        • It’s a newer process, so wasn’t in the original porcelain installation guide. It hasn’t been tested yet in climates with extreme freeze/thaw conditions, but has been tested elsewhere and performed well.

  6. I’m glad that you mentioned that a driveway can be changed in less than forty-eight hours because of paving over it rather than removing and replacing the concrete. My driveway is pretty beat up and I want to have it repaved. This information you shared will help me find a good contractor to pave my driveway.

  7. I liked that you said that there are different options for paving your driveway. I would imagine that a professional would know best which option I should go with. I will be sure to hire a professional to help me in installing a new driveway.

  8. I like that you said that mixing water with DriBond concrete to create a durable bond. My parents are thinking about changing their concrete patio. I’m going to share your tip with them.

  9. My wife and I are looking at repairing our driveway and I ran across your site re Dri-bond etc. Do you share pricing or do I need to contact Belgrade? We live near St.Augustine, Fl

  10. I have an existing pool deck made up of 30yr old tumbled marble tiles installed on a concrete deck. Does the DriBond Asher to that? Thanks

    • The DriBond may or may not adhere to the tiles, but you should honestly remove the tiles to make sure the concrete is sound. If the concrete base shifts over time, your project could be jeopardized.

    • I’m checking with the Techniseal team regarding the painted concrete and will get back with you. Regarding where to buy, do you have a PoolCorp in your area?

  11. How thick should/can the Dribond product be installed?

    I have a large concrete patio that is structurally sound but poured in slightly uneven sections. Can I use the Dribond to even it out by going 1/2” think in some areas and 2” in others? What is the range of acceptable thickness?

    • The response from Techniseal is that DriBond is a veneering product. It mirrors the surface it is being overlayed on. It isn’t for leveling. That being said, the minimum thickness is 1/4 inch thick — which is the recommended thickness for a standard project. They are comfortable using DriBond up to 1/2 of an inch, if that helps achieve your leveling goals. Any thicker than that, and you inhibit the product’s ability to achieve the proper bond.

    • Belgard offers a variety of thinner profile pavers for overlay projects. To see some of the looks, view our blog on Overlay Project Ideas, go to the section on “Overlay Paver Styles” to see photo galleries of the available pavers. The name of each paver is in the caption.

  12. even ‘sound’ driveways develop cracks over time. how difficult is it to repair belgard pavers shouldsuch cracks affect the pavers?

    • The beautiful thing about pavers is that if one gets damaged, you can remove it and replace it (versus a large solid surface). And Belgard pavers have a lifetime warranty. Click here for more information.

  13. How does this hold up in extreme temperature variations. ? We live in northern Nevada and we can have 6 degrees overnight and 50 degrees during the day.

  14. Can concrete paver slabs be installed over existing concrete? I am concerned about drainage and I will also be limited in changing the existing slope.

    • As long as the concrete is in good shape, you should be able to overlay with paver slabs. Depending on your location (not tested for extreme freeze/thaw conditions), DriBond will work to facilitate the overlay. You will just need to activate it with a lot of water due to fewer joints. You could also use outdoor rated thin set adhesive as well. Be sure to account for the extra height and drainage. You may need to install a french drain. They can overlay with porcelain, 30-45 mm overlay pavers or full thickness 60-80mm pavers.

  15. My drive way has spalling issues related to poor prep and cold temp. It was poured in 2007. Contractors all bankrupt by the time my problems surfaced. Besides the surface, the concrete slab is stable. Is your product able to cover a rough uneven surface?

  16. Could this overlay method be used to cover a concrete basement floor? Would moisture still be able to permeate up through the pavers, or does the DriBond create a layer that is impermeable to vapor transmission?

    • Yes, DriBond will allow to permeate through it, just like concrete. It is not a water barrier. The only issue is whether or not the floor has been waxed, sealed or polished. If so, it would need to be stripped and/or sanded for adhesion.

  17. I am fixing to form and pour a concrete driveway. I would like to install your thin paver over newly poured concrete. Do I need to need to worry about control and expansion joints below pavers or will Dribond stop the pavers from cracking?

    • Expansion joints are still recommended. You might also want to align the joints of the pavers with the expansion joints. DriBond allows some flexibility, but this would be a good preventative measure.

    • Yes and no. DriBond can be used over stamped concrete because it fills in the crevices from the stamping. But if sealant or stain was used, you may need to strip or grind the concrete prior to DriBond application for proper adhesion. The condition of the concrete is critical. Although minor cracks are ok, it must be sound overall. In consideration with expansion joints, any suspect sections would need to be removed and replaced. The major issue is the geographic location. DriBond is still in testing for use in climates with severe freeze/thaw conditions, which is why Belgard does not currently offer it in any of the New York catalogs. This may change once sufficient testing data is obtained.

  18. […] slab driveway without foundation cracks can be overlayed with 30mm thin pavers. In many cases, DriBond™ advanced mudset can be used to facilitate the entire overlay. Another option would be to DriBond the perimeter and […]

  19. Was the product tested in climates with extreme freeze/thaw cycles? I live in Western New York and considering this installation over a 20 x 22 patio.
    If you are looking for a test site for extreme freeze/thaw cycles, I have one. Thanks.

    • It’s currently in testing for climates with extreme freeze/thaw cycles, but do not have conclusive data yet as not enough time has passed.

  20. I am laying pavers over my existing concrete patio, would dri bond work on my pavers that are 2 inches thick?

  21. I’m working on a barn renovation and I’m considering the thin 1”/1.25” paver over a concrete floor but I need some advice. I can either mortar the paver with thin-set and the broom in some polymer or I could just float the pavers and broom in the polymer to secure the pavers. What do you think?

    • Techniseal DriBond works really well for this type of application and would be faster to install then thinset, assuming that the concrete is sound. Cracks are ok, as long as there’s not shifting or heaving. Click here to watch an installation video. This is assuming that the barn has drainage that leads outside, as you would need to activate the DriBond with water. Many barns are constructed so that they can be hosed out, if needed. If your was constructed this way, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, thin-set would work. But again, if you’re talking about jointing with polymeric sand, you would need the drainage capability, as that product is activated with water also. Otherwise, you would need to joint with grout.

  22. Is Dribond stable around saltwater pool? I am looking for an alternative to my flaking kool deck and I think this may be the solution if it’s not affected by saltwater.

    • It can work, but the shape of the stone needs to be as flat as possible. This will allow the DriBond to grip the natural stone. Techniseal only recommends max size of a unit to be 12″x12″ when using DriBond. The larger the units, the more watering that has to take place to reach and activate the DriBond at the center of the paving unit. You will also need to wet a sponge and wipe off the side of the stone that will be placed on the DriBond. This removes contaminants that may have a negative affect on the quality of the bond. Make sure the stones are dry after cleaning them before placing them in the DriBond.

  23. This is a good article and I agree that Few renovation projects will drastically improve your home’s curb appeal like converting an old stained and cracked concrete driveway to a stunning paver driveway. If you need professional driveway repair at Buffalo, NY. Contact us at 716-271-7745 for more information.

    • 30mm concrete pavers are not intended for that type of use, only as an overlay to concrete. However, if you are looking for a thin option, check out our porcelain paver line. They are ideal for pool decks…skid-resistant, stain-resistant, frost-resistant, install on multiple base options (sand, gravel, pedestal system) and come in a wide range of sizes and interpretations of stone or wood.

  24. Can you in install this the normal way after 4 inches of ⁵/⁸minus then 1/2 sand? Or no sand just Gravel and 1/4 inch gravel on top?

  25. I’m interested in getting my concrete driveway overlaid with pavers,
    but my driveway is fairly steep so i’m concerned about product failure and longevity..
    Will the DriBond and pavers be able to withstand vehicle traffic at a 16.5 degree slope?

  26. I have a patio with both smooth concrete and exposed aggregate concrete. Can the porcelain pavers be installed over all of it to get a uniform look?

    • Most likely, yes. To find a contractor in your market who can take a closer look and give you a definitive answer, click here or call 877-235-4273.

  27. Can you tell me how best to clean them? We have a jacaranda tree nearby that leaves terrible stains and so far nothing I’ve tried seems to work on these pavers. Thx!


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