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Project Spotlight: Brick Ovens

October 10, 2014

Nothing beats the flavor of wood-fired cooking. Inspired by the ancient Italian wood-burning ovens first used over four thousand years ago, brick ovens cook at a very high heat and add a unique flavor profile to anything from fish to pizza. An outdoor brick oven instantly turns any outdoor space into a gourmet outdoor kitchen. There are numerous models ways to incorporate this a brick oven into an outdoor living design, from compact urban spaces to expansive suburban backyards.


Custom-Built Brick Ovens

Many Belgard landscape wall products can be used to build a housing for a brick pizza oven. This type of design creates a statement piece that can either stand alone or coordinate effortlessly with a Belgard outdoor living space. Weston Stone® (as shown in the photo) and Belair Wall® are particularly well suited for this type of application. Weston Stone also coordinates well with the Bristol Series™ and Brighton Series™ of the Belgard Elements™ modular outdoor living room and kitchen components — allowing you to integrate a brick oven into a Belgard Elements design.

• • •

Counter Top Brick Ovens

With many different styles to choose from, the counter top brick oven offers a small footprint and can easily turn any outdoor kitchen into a gourmet cooking space without the time and expense of a full-sized custom installation. Counter top brick ovens are available in a variety of finishes, typically with either a pyramid (shown) or dome roof line.

• • •

Mobile Brick Ovens

The perfect complement to an existing grill and patio, mobile brick ovens are available in multiple styles with the added benefit of portability around the backyard. Like the table top version, the mobile oven is available with a different finishes in either the dome (shown) or pyramid roof line. In addition to mobility, the cart provides a handy spot to store wood. 

• • •

Hybrid Brick Ovens

A hybrid gas and wood brick oven allows you to cook with either gas, wood, or a combination of both heat sources simultaneously. This hybrid oven shown can be used for custom builds and includes a two-burner gas system, with an infrared burner under the hearth and an ambient burner at the back of the hearth. Wood can also be burned at the back or side of the oven to provide smoky wood-fired flavor.

• • •

Tailgater Brick Ovens

Take your passion for wood-fired cooking on the road with a towable Tailgater brick oven package, making it possible to take the unmatched experience of wood-fired cooking and entertaining to collegiate and professional football games, motorsport events, music concerts, festivals, and more. The Tailgater is currently available as wood-burning model or hybrid gas/wood model and can even be customized with a company logo.

• • •

For recipes, visit our brick oven recipe blog.


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