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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Patio

February 18, 2022
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The “Do it Yourself” method of home improvement and decor has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it’s easy to understand why. Social media sites like YouTube and Pinterest have made it easy for homeowners to find tips and tricks to customize their homes the way they want, and oftentimes, for a much lower price than going the professional route. However, while DIY-ing may be a great idea for smaller projects, like painting rooms or installing shelves, many outdoor projects, like building patios, are best suited for professionals. A beautifully built paver patio is a perfect backyard addition to any home, but the process is often too difficult and time-consuming for the majority of homeowners. Here are five key reasons why homeowners should hire a professional to create the perfect patio. 

Patio Design Details 

Patio designs appear simple and straightforward, but the process of properly designing patio pavers is much more intricate than it seems. It’s easy for nonprofessionals to make simple design mistakes that can make a huge impact on the look and functionality of the patio in the long run, such as improper spacing and incorrect leveling. Professionals have the knowledge, experience, and vision to understand the correct way to design patios with the proper paver base so the patio will be functional, attractive, and long-lasting for homeowners.  

Installation Time 

DIY-ing your own patio will undoubtedly take more time than hiring a professional paver installer, mostly due to a lack of expertise and insight on just how much goes into the process. In addition, it’s simply difficult for many homeowners to find the time between their jobs, families and other obligations to put into building their patios correctly. Many homeowners underestimate the time that projects like patios can take for someone going the DIY route, and this alone can significantly extend the build time. This particularly comes into play when the size and shape of the patio requires pavers to be cut.

Sourcing Patio Materials 

There are a variety of pavers and materials to choose from when building a patio, with different shapes, colors and textures available. The final material selection is important, as it affects both the look and durability of the patio. Homeowners aren’t as knowledgeable about the different options for patio materials and may not select the best material without some guidance. Using a professional who knows about the different materials will ensure they make the right choice that will meet their design specifications and provide durability. It can also be difficult, time-consuming, and costly for homeowners to find enough of the right materials for their projects at everyday home improvement stores, as stock will vary and delivery times may be affected. Trying to DIY a patio also can lead to installation mistakes, causing materials to shift, crack or break.  

Patio Cost 

One of the main reasons that homeowners would choose to DIY a project like a patio is to cut costs. However, choosing to DIY a patio rather than hiring a professional can often end up being more costly than expected. Homeowners who take on these projects often underestimate or leave out certain expenses or end up making installation errors along the way. This can lead to the patio becoming more expensive than if they had hired a professional from the start.  

Ideal Patio Longevity 

Lastly, when building outdoor living projects, most homeowners are aiming to enjoy their spaces for the next several years (or as long as they reside in the home). While some DIY projects can be durable and long-lasting, the best way to ensure maximum longevity is to hire a professional. Professionals know and understand the proper design tools, techniques, and materials to use to build a patio that will last — like Belgard pavers, which have a lifetime warranty. A professional can also share maintenance tips with homeowners to help extend the life of the patio.  

The DIY method can be a great way to gather inspiration and customize portions of your home. But when it comes to large-scale outdoor projects like patios, it’s best to hire a trusted professional to avoid mistakes and unintended costs. Hiring a professional to build your patio will not only guarantee that the work is the best it can be but will also ensure that your patio is constructed in a timely manner with the best quality materials and built to last. To find a qualified installation contractor near you, visit

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