Presenting the Belgard SoCal Driveway of the Year featuring Old World Paver™ in the Victorian color blend and Techniseal® NextGel™ Polymeric Sand in Sierra Gray. Over 5,000 SF of pavers went into this San Diego residence. The installer – Jay Erdos of Tuscany Pavers – did a fabulous job of matching the contour of the driveway. It’s also worth mentioning that the white chips in the polymeric sand are actually crushed marble that was hand-crushed and hand-placed to emulate the ancient streets of Pompeii, per the homeowner’s request.

Click below to see close-ups of project images.

  • Paver Driveway of the Year
  • Paver Driveway
  • Paver Driveway of the Year
  • Driveway of the Year
  • Brick Paver Driveway


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