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3 Ways to Bring Simplicity to Patio Projects

June 7, 2024
Outdoor patio

Every contractor needs easy methods and tips for installing patios, especially during the summer months. We’d like to share three ideas with you that can be incorporated into your practice. We hope these will make a significant difference in helping you attract customers, create great designs and complete projects faster this summer.

1. Belgard Rooms – The Tool of Your Dreams

Contractor using Belgard's AR feature on a tablet to present Rooms designs to a client.
Use Belgard’s AR feature on a tablet or smartphone to
present Rooms designs to clients.
Outdoor living room featured in Belgard Rooms
To see a Belgard Rooms visualization of this customizable
outdoor living room, click here.

Likely, your goals for the summer include growing your client list – we’re here to help. With Belgard Rooms at your fingertips, you’re able to walk prospective clients through a preview of templated outdoor rooms in their own backyards using Belgard’s Augmented Reality (AR) feature. With over 150 designs for outdoor spaces, you can give clients the ability to envision their outdoor spaces on a tablet or smartphone without creating the design yourself. This saves you time in the design and estimating phase. When you present a concept using Rooms to your client in real-time, you may be able to close the deal sooner. Then, you’re able to get a start on their backyard project using baseline designs.

2. Techniseal’s Paver Base Panel System – A Simple Installation Method

Overlapping expanded polypropylene foam panels of NextBase™ from Techniseal.
Simple installation starts with the overlapping polypropylene foam panels of NextBase™ from Techniseal.

When it comes to patio installation, especially for your smaller projects, try NextBase™ from Techniseal. This system of overlapping expanded polypropylene foam panels can be laid as a paver base in place of a layer of aggregate. This means no need for excavation equipment.

Interesting fact: each of these panels replaces 250 lbs. of aggregate material. A single pack of 10 NextBase panels weighs around 14 lbs. Use of these panels will reduce the amount of required material and associated costs.

Another benefit of NextBase panels is that they provide you with the flexibility to use them with any paver material, such as interlocking concrete pavers, porcelain pavers and natural stone.

3. Modular Pavers for Simple Installation and Job Efficiency

Papyrus™, a modular paver featuring the look of a hand-tooled texture.
One of the many modular paver options is Papyrus™, which offers the look of a hand-tooled texture.

When it comes to installation efficiency and reducing costs, you want products that are simple to work with and offer design flexibility. With modular pavers, the pieces easily fit together, even for the most intricate of designs. Modular pavers are available in multiple textures and sizes, which allows you to experiment with different paver combinations.

This graphic shown Belgard's assortment of modular pavers.
Belgard’s assortment of modular pavers offers numerous choices for simple patio installations.

Rule of Thirds

One of the greatest benefits of Belgard’s modularity series is the rule of thirds, where each paver is sized in 3-inch increments. This means minimal to no cuts are required. The pavers are already configured for an optimal pallet layout – a terrific way to reduce costs and installation time. When laying modular pavers, you will find that there is less waste – another great benefit you won’t find with other types of pavers.

Dimensions™ modular pavers offering reduced cuts, installation time and waste.
Dimensions™ modular pavers offer reduced cuts, installation time and waste.

Among the many modular paver options is Papyrus™, which offers a unique face that mimics the look of hand-tooled striations and the texture of organic textiles. Use pavers like this for patios, pool decks and walkways. They are also compatible with other modular paver lines like Origins™ and Dimensions™.  With 10 distinctive styles available, your mix-and-match design options are endless. Contact your local dealer to find Papyrus and other modular pavers in your area. To explore modularity further, see Upgrading Your Outdoor Design with Papyrus + Modularity.

Dimensions™ 3-piece system with Diamond Pro® Smooth Face of the fire pit.
Dimensions™ 3-piece system complements the Diamond Pro® Smooth Face of the fire pit.

As the busy season for hardscapes is upon us, it is important to continue to find ways to be efficient with your time and energy. We hope you are inspired by these easy methods and tips for installing patios. And if you have any time-savings tips and tricks of your own to share with us and your fellow contractors, we’d love to hear from you. Tag us at @belgardoutdoorliving on Facebook and Instagram.

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