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Product Spotlight: Geometry is Fun with Geometric Shapes Pavers 

September 15, 2022

Do you want your outdoor living space to be a reflection of you? If so, the design should incorporate your unique style and tastes so that it’s comfortable, relaxing and of course, visually appealing.  

Belgard’s Geometric Shapes line of pavers let your creativity run wild. The modular design provides increased flexibility for creating a variety of stunning patterns that will be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood.  

Geometric Shapes currently includes three distinct, foundational paver shapes that can be installed individually or mixed and matched to create nearly any pattern imaginable.  

Hexagon Pavers: The Shape of Things to Come

Hexagon pavers are the ideal choice for creating truly unique designs. Group them together for a honeycomb effect. Incorporate a row of hexagons as a whimsical border. Create biophilic designs by entangling the shape into the surrounding landscape. Mix and match with other shapes to create fun one-of-a-kind patterns. Endless ideas are possible, because 6” hexagon pavers are compatible with all Geometric Shapes, as well as Origins and Dimensions. This popular, classic shape can be used on its own to create more uniform, simple patterns or paired with other Shapes and paver styles for more intricate designs.    

hexagonal geometric shapes curb appeal

Diamond-Shaped Pavers: From Sublime to Art Deco

The 12” diamond is the perfect option to add visual interest to any outdoor living area. Built with 3” modularity and made with high-quality concrete, they give any design application a unique twist. They can be placed into different formats for a truly stunning visual effect. For an understated contemporary design, install a simple pattern using only one paver color. For a bold look, choose contrasting colors. The patio shown below was created using three different shades of gray to create a hypnotic 3D effect. Get creative!  

diamond geometric shapes curb appeal

Parallelogram Pavers: From Classic to Futuristic

The parallelogram comes in two options – 6” x 18” and 3” x 12” – making it suitable for spaces of any size. These pavers can be laid in a linear fashion for clean, sleek patterns or in a chevron or herringbone pattern to play into the geometric effect. The patio design below uses a mixture of patterns and incorporates a hexagon to create a stylish futuristic look. Parallelograms are also great for creating the look of an inlaid faux rug design. And remember, all geometric shapes can be mixed and matched together for truly unlimited design ideas.

parallelogram geometric shapes curb appeal

Geometry is fun…with Belgard 

Geometric Shapes bring fun and flair to any outdoor living space – whether it’s a simple patio, outdoor kitchen, fireplace or full Belgard Rooms design. They naturally fit within modular design, making installation simpler and more efficient. With Geometric Shapes (and Origins and Dimensions), the possibilities are endless.  

Check online or with your local Belgard dealer for availability in your region.  

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