Landscaping walls add dimension and definition to your outdoor living spaces. Whether utilizing a retaining wall to control the slope of your yard, or simply to add dimensional embellishments to an outdoor living space, landscape wall products represent an important element of contemporary outdoor living design.

Terraced Design

Retaining walls present a way to convert a sloped yard into usable space through the creation of terraces. Terraced design can also be used to create a raised or sunken outdoor room.

Vertical Gardens

A rising trend in outdoor design, vertical gardens take landscaping to new heights and add a tremendous amount of visual interest and dimension to an outdoor living area.

Defining a Room

Landscaping and seating walls can help define an outdoor living area or create a transition from one outdoor room to the next.

Fire & Water Features

Walls can be used to incorporate the elements of fire or water into an outdoor design in a variety of creative ways. Fire features and water features become a visual anchor point and add to the ambiance and functionality of a design.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are one of the fastest growing segments of the outdoor living industry, and for good reason. An outdoor kitchen exponentially improves the functionality of an outdoor space, as well as the aesthetics.


Landscaping and retaining walls can be used to add any number of coordinating embellishments to an outdoor design. Embellishments like columns, mailboxes, steps, and raised planters can help tie an outdoor design together.

Built-In Seating

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, built-in seating has been one of the top trends for the last few years. In addition to providing permanent seating, a seat wall can also help to define an outdoor room.


  1. I have just bought property next door and plan to build a low wall around it about 120′ . Concentration will be on cost as I am a do it yourself person , but would like your thoughts and cost on your doing the project , height estimated at 2-1/2 to 3′ . I am Joel Howard , 51 salvatierra way, hot springs village , Ar , mailing is p o box 9271 , hot springs village, Ar 71910, e mail –

    • Your request for information has been forwarded to the sales department. They can help recommend a local contractor who can give you a quote on your project. Thank you for your interest in Belgard hardscapes.

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