The country is going green, in more ways than one! Everywhere you look, people are finding new and interesting ways to garden. One of the more recent trends is the rise of the what is called “vertical gardening”. Entire websites and companies are devoted to the trend. For those looking to add a little more dimension to their lives, vertical gardening is the way to go. Vertical gardens also work especially well where linear space is limited.

What exactly is a vertical garden?

A vertical garden can take any number of forms and is basically any vegetation that exists on a plane other than a flat horizontal surface. It can be as simple as a tier of stacked planters or as intricate as a multi-level retaining wall completely covered in vegetation. Classic forms of vertical gardens include those created with trellises and arbors, but today’s modern vertical gardens have grown to incorporate a variety of ideas, techniques and materials.

How do I get started?

vertical garden ideas
A vertical garden like this could be constructed with curtain rods, t-shirts, and a glue gun.

Wherever there is a blank wall or a bare fence, there is the potential for a vertical garden. There are companies that sell pre-made pockets and planters that are specifically designed to attach to walls or fence boards. However, the ideas are virtually endless for creating homemade versions. Unique ideas include converting rain gutters into vertical rows of horizontal planters, or constructing planter pockets out of heavy-duty fabrics. See more DIY vertical garden ideas on Pinterest.

What if my yard is sloped?

Well then, you have the perfect natural setting to create a vertical garden. Any gardening you do will already be multidimensional. But if you want to create something more structured and permanent, consider terracing the slope with pavers and retaining walls to create layers of built-in planters, which will define the garden areas and, at the same time make the space more usable.


  1. Plz advise: Iam ordering your 84 sq ft Dublin cobble circle to be installed in my front patio &
    Would like to know if you could draw a 5 circuit ‘Labyrinth – Classical ‘w/ 5 paths aprox 10″ & a 34″ center?? The installer would like to work from a plan?!
    Thank you Leslie 612-868-9840

    • Availability of circle kits varies by region. Check with your local Belgard Rep. Or, let us know where you’re located, and we’ll check on availability for you.


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