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How Partnering With a Belgard Authorized Dealer Can Help Your Hardscape Installation Business Grow

March 19, 2019
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Hardscape contractors should not just look to their local Belgard Authorized Dealer as simply a resource for installation materials and Belgard pavers and retaining walls. By creating a closer business relationship, contractors and dealers can develop a mutually beneficial partnership that will help both businesses grow. After all, the more successful a contractor becomes, the more materials needed, which means more business for the dealer, as well. It’s a win-win scenario that can be explored in multiple ways.

Displays and Samples

Most contractors don’t have a brick-and-mortar office space where homeowners can look at product samples and choose between all the texture and color options. Although a limited number of samples can be kept on hand for sales calls, it’s not always realistic to transport everything you might need in your company vehicle. And photos, no matter how detailed, aren’t always the same as touching and feeling the product. Dealers fill the role of creating beautiful product displays that homeowners can peruse, as well as meeting spaces where contractors can get together with their clients and select materials.

Delivery Coordination

Dealers are logistical partners who can work hand-in-hand with contractors to make sure the materials are delivered in a timely manner and as specified, even coordinating directly with the homeowner regarding delivery time and placement.


Dealers can work closely with contractors to host special events that will help draw new customers. Ideas include pizza sampling from an outdoor brick oven or DIY clinics for projects like “how to build a masonry mailbox.” Contractors can be on hand to help conduct the clinics and offer expert advice and design ideas.

Design Centers

Dealers that are set up as a Design Center have an in-house design team trained to work with the Belgard Design Studio to create photorealistic 3-D virtual reality designs, which help increase closure rates and can help boost the scope of a project. In addition, having the Design Center act as the facilitator between the homeowner and the Belgard Design Studio saves the contractor valuable time that can be better spent out in the field.

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