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5 Ideas For Business-Building Activities During Slower Installation Months

February 14, 2018
business building activities

Hardscape installations can dramatically decrease during colder months. Take advantage of the down time with these business-building activities that you can do now to get yourself and your business ready for the high season.


If you’re not already on social media, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity for free exposure that can be instantly multiplied when someone shares your information. At the very least, your company should have a Facebook page. You can also reach additional people through Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The important thing to remember is to regularly post new information. This will keep your business showing up in the newsfeeds of potential customers. Whenever appropriate, tag customers and other businesses, which will help increase your exposure. To capture more attention, make your posts visual, with eye-catching photos and informational or entertaining videos. Develop a strategy for the year that includes methods to increase your number of followers, such as sending out invitations to “like” or “follow” your company. People like to see transformations, so part of your strategy should be to take before and after photos of your projects so that you will have new stories to tell throughout the year.


If you do not already have a Houzz listing, now is the time to set it up. If you already have a listing, now is the time to update it and promote it. Like any other online platform, you can’t just set it up and hope people will find it. Promote your listing both on social media and within the Houzz platform. Regularly go to Houzz message boards to offer helpful advice to homeowner questions. Message boards provide an avenue to show off your expertise by discussing best practices, design ideas and solutions.  

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Slower months are an excellent time to increase your industry knowledge or learn a new skill. Plan to attend a Belgard University event in your area, which will offer ways to expand your knowledge and grow your business. Other ideas include watching training videos, taking a certification course, attending a marketing seminar, taking an online Continuing Education course, or scheduling a Lunch & Learn.


Increase awareness of your company and obtain referrals by networking with various professionals in the homebuilding, home design and real estate industries. Visit construction sites to meet builders. Go to real estate open houses. Also go to Chamber of Commerce and other open meetings within the business community to meet influential people and decision-makers. And if you’re not already a Belgard Authorized Partner, begin taking the steps to become authorized, which will provide you with leads generation, as well as other business-building programs.


Often, adding a service or two to your lineup can help increase the scope of each job or present an opportunity for repeat business. For example, if you install pavers and retaining walls, but do not install outdoor kitchens, you’re missing out on valuable business opportunities. With access to products like the Belgard Elements catalog of modular outdoor living units and Tandem® Modular Grid, it’s extremely easy to add outdoor kitchens to your repertoire. And if you don’t already offer cleaning and sealing services, you’re missing out on repeat business, referrals, and income opportunities during slower months.

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