New Exclusive Belgard Line to Launch Nationally at Lowe’s

For more than 20 years, the Belgard name has been synonymous with stunning, durable pavers and retaining walls that professional landscapers and designers can trust. Now, Belgard has partnered with Lowe’s® Home Improvement stores to make beautiful outdoor living even more accessible to homeowners by bringing these professional grade products to over 1,100 locations nationwide with a new do-it-yourself collection sold exclusively at Lowe’s.

The new product line includes three featured paver systems and a wall system that are all a reflection of the premium Belgard offerings that have historically only been available to contractors and dealers.

Providence™ Paver

The three-piece Providence™ Paver system offers the antiqued, rustic look of tumbled stone.
The three-piece Providence™ Paver system offers the antiqued, rustic look of tumbled stone. In the installation above, all three pieces were laid in an ashlar pattern to create a random look. The square piece was used alone to create a border.

Trinity™ Paver

The modular three-piece Trinity™ Paver system boasts clean, modern lines and a smooth surface.
The modular three-piece Trinity™ Paver system boasts clean, modern lines and a smooth surface with larger scale pieces to create a contemporary look.

Portland™ Stone

Portland™ Stone is a single unit that incorporates false-joint technology to simulate the look and feel of random flagstone.

Palmer™ Wall

The two-piece Palmer™ Wall system features crunch technology™ and has the textured look and feel of natural quarried stone. Constructed walls can be topped with Palmer™ Wall Cap to add a finished look, as pictured in the above installation.

The above featured lines will be in-stock items available nationwide*. In addition to these featured product lines, there will also be a variety of special-order Belgard pavers and wall products available online for in-store pickup. Each of the featured and special-order product lines come in multiple color options that will vary by location due to localized manufacturing, which utilizes local aggregates.

For more information on the partnership between Belgard and Lowe’s, visit

*Stores that are unable to stock the featured product lines will offer in-store pickup for online orders.


12 Replies to “New Exclusive Belgard Line to Launch Nationally at Lowe’s”

  1. We love the look of the Trinity pavers and want to use them around our new pool. Our local Lowes clearly knows nothing about them. I’ve tried to contact Belgard by phone and by email with no response. I need to know what colors they come in and possibly see a picture of each. The Lowes website shows the same picture, no matter which color you select. Can you help?

    1. Thank you for contacting us. We are so sorry that you’ve had such a disappointing experience with Lowe’s and will work to get it rectified. Your request has been forwarded to the Belgard sales and marketing department, and someone will contact you directly through the email address you provided. Good luck with your project!

    1. Although a different size, Trinity pavers are similar in scale to Bergerac Pavers. For a variety of 3-piece laying patterns, click here and look for the “patterns” tab. Trinity is a 3-piece paver system, so the 4-piece patterns on the Bergerac page will not be applicable. Regarding calculations, if you are using all three pieces of the Trinity system, the average size is 0.69 SF per paver. Good luck with your project!

  2. Can you provide this information for Trinity line assuming I’m using an equal number of each size:
    -Price per square foot
    -Square feet per pallet
    -Square feet per layer
    -Layers per pallet
    -Pallet weight

    1. I forwarded you question to the sales department and will reply with additional information shortly.

    2. The Trinity line is exclusive to Lowe’s and can only be purchased there. You should be able to pull pricing directly from their website. Pricing may vary by zip code location. Answers to your other questions are as follows:
      * Trinity 10×15: 98.7 sf per pallet, 99 pieces per pallet, pallet weight 2792 lbs.
      * Trinity 10×10: 87.5 sf per pallet, 132 pieces per pallet, pallet weight 2467 lbs.
      * Trinity 5×10: 97.71 sf per pallet, 297 pieces per pallet, pallet weight 2750 lbs.

  3. Where can I calculate the number of pavers I will need? I clicked on the “click here” in response to another person’s question and there is no patterns tab. Not sure how to calculate how much I will need for the project as your website does not have the necessary information needed.

    1. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the product pages of the website have been changed in the last couple of months, and the “patterns” tab on the page you went to has been temporarily removed. Our customer service team can help you with our calculations, but we need to know the dimensions of your space and which paver you plan to use.

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