permeable paver driveway beautiful
Pavers: Eco Dublin®

Beautiful driveways don’t have to compromise functionality and form. The use of permeable pavers in driveway construction is growing exponentially across the country, particularly in areas with water use restrictions or strict stormwater management guidelines. Not only do permeable pavers boost your curb appeal, they also positively impact the environment by decreasing stormwater runoff and improving the water quality of local waterways.

Beautiful Driveway with Aqualine Pavers
Pavers: Aqualine™ Series

How, you ask? It’s ingeniously simple, actually. Permeable pavers are installed over a gradient bed of aggregate, with tiny aggregate filling the joints between each paver. As rainwater falls onto the pavers (or drains onto the pavers from another surface), the water percolates through the paver joints and down through the base materials below. There, the water is filtered by the aggregates, removing a number of pollutants before the water makes it’s way into the groundwater supply or returns to local waterways. The rising trend is to incorporate an underground cistern with a pump under the paver system so that the filtered water can be captured and recycled. A number of states and municipalities offer grants or tax incentives for these types of rainwater harvesting systems. The recycled water can be used for irrigation, water features, or other greywater uses. So in addition to providing functional benefits, permeable pavers can also make for stunningly beautiful driveways.

Subterra Stone Steep Driveway Beautiful
Subterra Stone® improved the safety of this steep driveway.

Constructing a driveway with permeable pavers can also provide a number of other solutions for homeowners. For example, for steep driveways, permeable paver construction is safer during rainy weather conditions than traditional impervious surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt, because rain can permeate through pavers instead of pooling on the surface, thus improving traction.

heated paver installation for driveways
Illustration of heated paver installation.

In areas prone to heavy snow, a heating system can also be installed under the sand base of the pavers so that snow or icy rain immediately melts and drains away, eliminating snow shoveling or ice accumulation. The sand acts as a buffer between the pavers and the coils, preventing damage from any shifting caused by automotive traffic.

  • Aqua Roc Beautiful Driveway
  • Eco Dublin Beautiful Driveway
  • Aqua-Bric Beautiful Driveway
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  1. Greetings, I am building a prototype of the greenest of building methods. Hempcrete, it has been pioneered mainly in Europe where using lime in building construction is better understood. The only other materials requires are a structural frame (usually timber), the core of the hemp stalk (called hurd or shiv), sand, water, and optional pigment. This achieves a monolithic wall that is temperature and humidity moderating, fireproof, mold, insect, and rodent deterring, is recyclable, has great acoustics,…Construction will begin in the spring of 2017. I am looking for products and systems that are as leading edge in design as building with hemp and lime. This house will be publicized as a model and field study for efficiency and integrated systems. I am currently selecting products and systems that meet the criteria and would like to know more about your permeable driveways. I would like to know if Belgrade may have interest in a mutual marketing opportunity by sponsoring the Highland Hemp House with an associative exchange. Pamela bosch

    • Belgard does have a design team that can handle landscape designs, but this is not really the type of work that they do. You may do better talking to a local contractor or dealer who can either help you with this project or refer you to someone who can. To find a local contractor or dealer in your area, visit


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