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Inspiration in the Face of Challenge

August 22, 2012
Aimee Copeland became a household name this past spring when a fall from a zip-line resulted in a necrotizing fasciitis infection that caused the 24 year old to lose both hands, one leg and one foot to amputation. But Aimee also quickly became a hero – to her family and friends who saw her fight to survive this deadly disease, to her doctors who saw her defy the odds in recovery and rehabilitation, and this week to us when she let us work with Pulte Homes and other community businesses to transform her home and yard to a place that will offer her healing in body and spirit when she’s discharged from the hospital next week. An amazing collaboration of businesses, community and friends renovated Aimee’s family’s home in Georgia – you can read the full story in this article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution – to make it more accessible and navigable for her in her wheelchair and with prosthetics. Phoenix Landscape and Belgard’s Georgia Masonry Supply did the same for the outdoors, which now includes a donated Harmony Elements fireplace – the modular unit was pre-built and could be installed within hours instead of weeks to keep the project on track for completion – and planters whose Weston Stone® creates a beautiful structure that can serve as a flower or vegetable garden. So why is she our hero? Because we always appreciate the opportunity to give back to our community, and this story in our Georgia backyard is especially compelling. But also for this: when Phoenix Landscape showed the family his designs with planters that would be low enough for Aimee to reach into from her wheelchair, Aimee asked that the planters instead be built to standard height so that she could lift herself from wheelchair to the wall seating to be more in the midst of her outdoor oasis. Aimee Copeland’s determination throughout this trying ordeal is humbling, and her hopes for the future are inspiring. We are incredibly proud to have been part of this event, and we thank Pulte Homes and Phoenix Landscape for inviting Belgard and GMS to be part of the Aimee’s Wings team. *Get every new post delivered to your Inbox! Click on the “+Follow” button in the bottom right corner of your screen and enter your email address to get notifications each time we have a new blog post.*

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