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What’s Your Perfect Mother’s Day?

May 13, 2012
April showers bring May flowers, and hopefully your kids do too this Mother’s Day! This Sunday, families around the globe will be celebrating motherhood, and so we wondered, what’s your perfect Mother’s Day? My perfect Mother’s Day is… “Waking up to breakfast in bed and spending the entire day relaxing, reading a good book on the patio in the sunshine, curled up in my favorite chair.” – Peggy from Lutherville, MD “My family loves spending time together in the pool. A day full of poolside fun and grilling in our outdoor kitchen would be my idea of the perfect Mother’s Day.” – Heather from Charlotte, NC “My teenagers were so excited when we installed our fire pit. They couldn’t wait to have friends over for backyard parties. My perfect Mother’s Day would be quality time together around the fire before they go off to college.” – Nancy from Burlington, VT “A carefree day with no responsibilities or worries! I’d love to enjoy a glass of red wine and star gaze into the evening with my husband.” – Stephanie from Billings, MT Share your idea of the perfect Mother’s Day in the comments section below!

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