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How to Make the Most of a Small Outdoor Space

February 6, 2012
Last month we talked to you about “How to Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Intimate” for large areas. This week, let’s tackle how to make the most out of a small outdoor space. Function Decide what is most important to you. Do you want a place to sit, relax and enjoy company? Is outdoor cooking important to you? Would you be willing to sacrifice seating to accommodate a larger cooking space? If you can’t have it all, prioritize. Flow The importance of having a good flow to your outdoor space is exponentially greater when it comes to small spaces. You’re already in an area with low square footage, so avoid crowding it with furniture, plants, or other accessories arranged in ways that inhibit you from navigating your patio. Practice walking through your outdoor space – what is your most logical pathway? Do you feel like there’s a roadblock maneuvering around your accessories? What about when other people are around? Furniture Picking out furniture for your outdoor room is no different than measuring a couch to make sure it will fit through the doorway and work in your living room. When you’re choosing furniture for your small outdoor space, keep in mind that the size of your furniture should pair well with the size of your space – you don’t want overwhelming furniture that overtakes your entire outdoor room. Don’t be afraid to shop around awhile to find something you love. Be sure to ask about the store’s return policy so you don’t take something home just to find out it won’t work in your space. Always carry a tape measure with you when furniture shopping so dimensions are top of mind.

This patio is the perfect Sunday afternoon retreat for two.


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