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How to Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Intimate

January 23, 2012

Starting with a clean slate when planning an outdoor living project can be intimidating – Where do I start? What do I want? How do I make this a space I want to be in? The planning process can be even more intimidating when you have a large outdoor space but want a modest, intimate patio. To design a warm, welcoming outdoor space focus on choosing the right colors, creating a focal point, and adding personal touches with accessories.

Paver Colors Make All the Difference
The best advice to follow when selecting patio pavers is to choose colors that work in harmony with your home environment. To make your space feel more intimate, choose darker tones which absorb light and make areas appear smaller.

For more tips on color, come back next week when we discuss adding color and texture to your outdoor room through hardscapes.

Create a Focal Point
The problem with large, unorganized outdoor spaces is that your eye doesn’t know where to look first. Creating a seating area welcomes guests in and directs them where to go. Add additional interest and focus with a fireplace or fire pit, not only will it be a beautiful conversation starter, but it will keep you warm into the evening on chilly nights.

Add Accessories
Nothing makes a space more intimate than adding your own personal touches through accessories. Add a pop of color with your favorite throw pillows and blankets. Candle light adds another level of intimacy and warmth. Bright green plants pair beautifully with pavers. Be creative and make your outdoor space yours!


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