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Queer Eye’s Tan France Turns to Belgard for Utah Dream Home

May 2, 2024
Tan France partnered with Belgard to help bring his outdoor visions to life
Tan France home in Utah featuring Belgard pavers
Tan France’s stunning English Tudor-style home features Belgard pavers in several outdoor spaces.

Tan France is a style superstar. Best known for his fashion advice on Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” as well as his other series “Next In Fashion” and “Say Yes to the Dress,” Tan is an expert on personal style. So, it’s no surprise his dream home also makes a style statement.

Tan and his husband, Rob, brought their dream home in Salt Lake City, Utah to life in late 2023. Belgard was thrilled to be part of the process, helping The Fox Group designers and landscape and garden designer Emily Brooks Wayment create stunning outdoor spaces where Tan and his family can relax and play. You can see more of the home in the Architectural Digest series “Home At Last,” featuring an episode all about the landscaping and exterior.

Creating an Old English Aesthetic – With a Pool

Tan France's pool featuring Belgard pavers
The stunning pool at Tan’s home includes Belgard pavers to create a beautiful pattern within the turf.

The goal at Tan’s home was to create outdoor spaces that serve as an extension of the indoors. The English Tudor vibe needed to carry throughout, and nothing fits that better than a beautiful garden styled to perfection. The only non-English touch – the swimming pool.

All the landscaping and garden spaces have a classic English touch, from the Tuxedo Garden with English-style plants and a black-and-white diamond entry to the dining garden and poolscapes. You’ll see Belgard products used for the sidewalks and driveway, retaining walls and for several other outdoor areas to amplify the aesthetic and ensure longevity. To create a clean look in Tan’s amazing swimming pool area, designers incorporated pool coping and Unico Glocal 13 x 60 Step Tread in clear porcelain, which has a smooth concrete-like finish.

The Driveway: Entering in Style

A driveway offers a first impression of a home. Seeing how stunning Tan’s home is, his driveway needed to possess equal flair. To give the driveway both an Old English and classic American look and feel, the design team used the Charlestone™ paver as edging. Charlestone has the look of weathered, hand-cobbled stone.

Lining the driveway as you coast up the hill is the Shelton Wall™. The timeless look of the Shelton Wall, along with Charlestone, is the perfect complement to the charming Tudor-style home.

  • New residence in Salt Lake City, Utah designed by influencer, Tan France, includes hardscapes with Belgard Charlestone Pavers and walls.
  • New residence in Salt Lake City, Utah designed by influencer, Tan France, includes hardscapes with Belgard Charlestone Pavers.

Making an English Sidewalk & Entry

As Tan says in the AD series, “English, English, English,” The black-and-white Glocal porcelain stone used in the sidewalk and entryway creates the perfect Tudor-style chessboard pattern.

Belgard pavers featured at the Tan France home in Utah
Glocal porcelain pavers were used to create the black-and-white pattern featured in the home’s entry, which is a classic English design.

A Garden Wall Fit for a Castle

The location and build of Tan’s home required extensive retaining walls around the property. To add that English flair, landscape designer Emily Brooks Wayment incorporated various hedges into the Shelton Wall. She used boxwood hedge, laurel hedge and beech, as well as Utah native grasses and florals.

  • Belgard Shelton Wall at the Tan France home
  • Charlestone paver at the Tan France home
  • Belgard Charlestone paver at Tan France home in Utah
  • Tan France home in Utah featuring Belgard pavers
  • Driveway at Tan France home, featuring Belgard pavers

Get Inspired by Tan France’s English Paradise

You can watch the full Architectural Digest “Home at Last” series on YouTube to see all of Tan’s beautiful home. To get some inspiration for your own outdoor spaces, click here for more details and product information from Belgard.

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