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Built-In Planters That Add Dimension to Your Outdoor Living Designs

April 13, 2024

No matter how beautiful the construction materials, an outdoor living design can look dull and lifeless without pops of color or dimensional design elements. A built-in planter constructed with retaining wall block will provide a permanent receptacle for adding color, texture and dimension to your spaces and can coordinate with your pavers and landscape walls to tie the overall look together.

Add Curb Appeal

Make a statement as soon as visitors arrive with planters along the driveway or a sidewalk in front of your home.

Highland Stone®Built-in Planters Retaining Wall
Highland Stone®

Create a Grand Entrance

Planters along walkways and near doorways create a welcoming effect and add architectural interest to the front of your home.

  • Celtik® Wall Built-in Planters Retaining Wall
  • Belair Wall® Built-in Planters Retaining Wall

Edge a Terrace

Soften the look of an angular wall or add a buffer zone along the terrace edge with planters of various shapes and sizes.

  • Holland Stone® Retaining Wall Planters
  • Weston Stone™ Patio Wall Built-in Planters
  • Belair Wall® Built-in Wall Planters Outdoor

Dress Up a Retaining Wall

Large retaining walls are often necessary, but can be visually boring. Add dimension and visual interest to a large retaining wall with planters at the base or at higher points along the wall.

  • Mega-Tandem® Retaining Wall Blocks Planters
  • Mega-Tandem® Retaining Wall Planters
  • Anchor® Diamond Pro Retaining Wall Blocks

Create a Focal Point

Add drama to a patio, walkway or driveway with a large planter that can create a visual focal point for the design.

  • Belgard and MoistureShield outdoor shower
  • lafitt tandem walls
  • Artforms planters

Flank a Fire Feature

Add pops of color and foliage to soften the look of larger structures and help coordinate the space with the surrounding landscape.

  • Weston Stone™ Outdoor Fireplace Pavers
  • Tandem® Wall Blocks & Pavers

Flank Stairs or Steps

Stair or step planters can take a variety of shapes and styles. Options can include symmetrical tiers, terraced landings, or a singular accent planter.

Emphasize a Tree

A tree planter box or wall can add design elements to larger open spaces or provide an area for installing a flower garden.

Add Dimension to a Patio

Planter gardens are a great way to add dimension and visual interest to an open patio. In addition, locating a planter near an outdoor kitchen can provide an outdoor chef with a space to grow fresh herbs.

Soften the Look of a Column

Incorporating a planter into the top of a column or pillar softens the look and adds a natural textural design element to your outdoor living structures.


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