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A Recap of Hardscape North America 2023

November 11, 2023

The 2023 Hardscape North America (HNA) Conference was a milestone celebration, marking 25 years of bringing industry professionals together and fostering connections. Hosted annually in Louisville, Kentucky, HNA is a great time for industry professionals to get together to introduce new products and initiatives, and Belgard was proud to be a sponsor again this year.

See Belgard’s highlight video below and continue reading for more from behind the scenes of the hardscape industry’s top show of the year.


Showcasing the Oldcastle APG Family of Brands

HNA 2023 kicked off on October 18, where Belgard introduced the new Oldcastle APG booth, which is strategically designed to cater to the needs and interests of both outdoor professionals and customers. The indoor booth highlighted both Belgard and the Oldcastle APG family of brands. The booth also introduced Oldcastle’s Live Well Outside philosophy that drives home the benefits of being outdoors.

Belgard also introduced the new Papyrus paver, which was a big hit among booth visitors! Joe Raboine, VP of Design for Belgard, and several other industry leaders also hosted educational sessions in the Pro Solutions Center, aimed to help hardscape professionals in their growth and development.

  • Papyrus Scandina Grey
  • Papyrus paver lifestyle photo

Day 2 of HNA 2023 boosted the atmosphere as groundbreaking technology stole the limelight. A collaborative effort between Belgard, Pave Tool, and Optimus showcased state-of-the-art tools employing advanced vacuum technology in Belgard’s outdoor booth. These ‘back-saving’ tools revolutionize heavy lifting, making it effortless for both single and double-person operations. The advancements showcased innovation and addressed the physical strain associated with hardscaping, ultimately saving time and resources on job sites. Check it out in the video below.


The HNA Installer Championship

One of my favorite events during HNA is the Installer Championship, a highly anticipated competition in which teams show off their installation skills. HNA 2023 witnessed an impressive turnout from Belgard, with more than half of the participating teams proudly representing Belgard Authorized Contractors.

Among a roster of skilled and determined teams, two exceptional Belgard teams emerged triumphant landing in the top 3: Mike Darling Contruction, who took second place, with Epic Pavers Inc. taking third. Their exceptional teamwork, meticulous planning, and adept delegation during the completion of two advanced paver pads solidified their positions as industry leaders.

  • HNA 2023 Installer Championship
  • Teams compete at the HNA 2023 Installer Championship
  • Contractor at HNA Installer Championship in 2023
  • Using pavers at the HNA Installer Championship
  • Installer with pavers at HNA 2023 Installer Championship
  • Installer team at HNA 2023
  • Building for the HNA Installer Championship at HNA 2023
  • Construction at the 2023 HNA Installer Championship

As the curtains drew on the 2023 competition, the industry is already abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming year. The promise of continued education and the prospect of witnessing the return of winning teams only add to the excitement surrounding the 2024 HNA event.

The HNA 2023 Awards

In addition to the HNA Installer Championship, the HNA Awards are an exciting time to celebrate the achievements of outdoor professionals.

Belgard and Oldcastle APG are proud to have received 11 recognitions during the HNA 2023 Awards ceremony. Belgard and Oldcastle APG received wins for projects in the following categories:

  • Concrete paver – residential
  • Concrete paver – commercial
  • Concrete paver – permeable
  • Combination of hardscape products – residential
  • Combination of hardscape products – commercial
  • Porcelain – commercial
  • Outdoor living features

In addition to the winning categories, Belgard and Oldcastle APG also received several honorable mentions:

  • Concrete paver – commercial
  • Combination of hardscape products – residential
  • Porcelain – residential
  • Porcelain – commercial

Check out the gallery of winning projects below!

  • HNA 2023 winning project - Mica View
  • Morgan North rooftop - HNA 2023 award winner
  • HNA 2023 award winner - clearwater splash pad
  • HNA 2023 award winner - Vegas oasis
  • HNA award winner 2023 - hardscape haven
  • HNA 2023 award winner - winter park library
  • HNA 2023 awards winner - Harrison Ave
  • HNA 2023 award winner - mixed hardscapes
  • HNA Award winner 2023 - Kentucky project
  • HNA 2023 award winner - Texas A&M
  • HNA award winner 2023 - University of Tampa

Why You Should Attend HNA 2024

HNA is a great platform for networking and learning but also is a testament to the continuous evolution and innovation within the hardscaping industry. HNA continues to be an event of progress and inspiration for professionals and enthusiasts alike, driving the industry forward with each passing year.

We hope to see you there next year so you can see what Belgard and Oldcastle APG have in store!

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