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Six Ideas to Increase Jobsite Efficiencies

September 23, 2023

As a contractor, we know you’re looking for ways to make your jobs more efficient while still delivering the highest quality to your clients. Belgard is here to help. With resources on design, laying pavers, modular systems, and a one-stop shop for outdoor kitchen accessories, we have the right tools to increase your efficiency. We’ve even provided a few links to other blogs we posted over the years on improving efficiencies (in case you missed them).

Belgard Rooms: The Tool to Dream

Augment Reality for Outdoor Design
Belgard’s Augmented Reality (AR) feature lets you preview templated outdoor Rooms in your own backyard

The Belgard Rooms tool creates efficiencies two-fold. First, it offers clients the ability to dream, with more than 100 different designs for outdoor spaces, so you don’t have to spend time sketching or drawing your own. Second, getting this in front of your client sooner rather than later can help you close deals faster. And, with the Belgard Rooms augmented reality feature, you can actually project the designs into the client’s outdoor space with the help of a tablet or smartphone. That’s a game-changer!

Belgard Design Studio: The Tool to Create

Belgard Design Studio can adjust product selections and room features to create a space that fits each customer’s specific needs. The finished design will also include a materials list for each room, which also simplifies ordering and estimating. Belgard Authorized Contractors report that using Belgard Design Studio can help increase closure rates, enhance communication, and improve customer satisfaction.

Get on Base with Techniseal’s Paver Base Panel System

Here’s a faster, lighter way to lay a patio base. Techniseal© offers the NextBase™ Paver Base Panel System, which consists of overlapping, expanded polypropylene foam panels that can be laid in place of a typical layer of aggregate. These panels eliminate the need for excavation equipment and reduce the amount of required material and associated costs. NextBase panels are a great option for a range of projects, from patios and pathways to pool decks.

  • Contractor using Techniseal paver base
  • Techniseal Paver Base
  • Close up of Techniseal Paver Base
  • Techniseal Paver Base with Paver
  • Pavers with Techniseal Paver Base

Go Modular with Artforms™

Artforms is a modular high-strength concrete panel system consisting of two shapes that can be configured in various ways for unlimited outdoor living design possibilities. These panels can be quickly fastened together for fast and efficient construction of outdoor living structures like kitchens, bars, fire features, water features, seating, planters, and raised gardens. For construction details on a variety of design ideas, visit the Artforms idea page.

Finish the Job with Elements Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

Artforms and Elements outdoor kitchen
Using Artforms for the grill island, you can incorporate Elements to give your clients a complete outdoor kitchen setup.

Belgard Elements™, our line of outdoor kitchen essentials, is a one-stop-shopping spot for outdoor kitchen accessories like grills, side burners, storage cabinets, refrigerators, and more. All of these are in one place, so you or your client need not waste time searching the internet for options. Use these high-end, high-quality products to put the finishing touches on an outdoor kitchen that your clients will love!

The Right Tools Prevent Injuries and Enhance Efficiency

Use hardscaping tools that increase installation speed and potentially reduce job site injuries. Companies like Pave Tool InnovatorsProbst®, Mquip® and PaveTech® offer vacuums, clamps, or even large machinery for commercial projects. Whether commercial or residential, turn these jobs faster and safer by utilizing some of these innovative tools.

Want more jobsite efficiency ideas? As promised, here are two past blogs for you to check out our Contractor’s Corner blogs on Labor-Saving Ideas and Innovations for Jobsite Efficiencies. Now…go forth, be efficient, and may you have a great upcoming quarter!

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