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Contractor’s Corner: Innovations that Improve Jobsite Efficiencies

October 12, 2021

With demand for outdoor living spaces at an all time high and labor shortages continuing to plague the industry, jobsite efficiency grows more important daily. However, numerous product and technology innovations are now available that can help contractors turn jobs faster, maximize business potential, and provide more efficient service to their customers.

A Simpler and More Efficient Way to Design

Launched earlier this year, the new Belgard Rooms program can help homeowners more quickly make design decisions to plan a backyard addition. With over 100 designs to choose from, the Belgard Rooms portfolio can be filtered by room size, style or design features. Each room is designed to work alone or seamlessly pair with other rooms within the portfolio. Contractors can work with the Belgard Design Studio to adjust product selections and room features to fit each customer’s specific needs. Not only does Belgard Rooms simplify the design process, but the Belgard Design Studio can provide a materials list for each room, which also simplifies ordering and estimating.

Faster Construction of Outdoor Living Structures

The innovative new Artforms™ concrete panel system consists of two shapes (6″x36″ and 18″x26″) that can be configured together for unlimited outdoor living design possibilities. Grooves on the inside of each panel allow panels to be mechanically fastened together for the quick and efficient construction of outdoor living structures like outdoor kitchens, bars, fire features, water features, seating, planters and raised gardens. For construction details on a variety of design ideas, visit the Artforms idea page.

Increased Paver Design Efficiencies with Reduced Cutting and Waste

Sized in a variety of shapes using true 3-inch increments, Belgard’s new Origins™ and Dimensions™ paver lines simplify design and reduce the need for cutting and waste. Create intricate designs in varying color, texture and shape without having to make additional cuts to make it work. Although availability of styles varies by market, choose from as many as 15 different shapes and size, including Geometric Shapes, that range in size from 3″x3″ to 18″x27″. Origins™ pavers feature a natural slate finish, and Dimensions™ pavers feature a contemporary smooth texture. Mix and match for truly unique designs.

Better Ability to Provide One-Stop Shopping

Complete your project with essential finishing touches designed to work seamlessly with a variety of Belgard products. The new outdoor appliances and fire pit inserts recently added to Belgard’s Elements™ line allow contractors to sell full backyard packages with ease.

Faster Wall Installation

Install freestanding and retaining wall systems up to 63% faster by using U Start Base Block as the base course. Watch the following video to see how it works.

A Better Way to Create the Look of Stone Steps

Quarried stone is an elegant look for changes in elevation, but there’s a better and more efficient way. Landings™ Steps provide the look of natural quarried stone with the added benefit of standard sizing. No cutting means faster installation.

Hardscape-Placing Tools that Speed Installation and Reduce Injury

That’s a win-win! Invest in hardscaping tools that can greatly increase installation speed and reduce muscle strain and other worksite injuries. With the increasing trend towards larger format pavers, this technology is more important than ever! Companies like Pave Tool Innovators, Probst®, Mquip® and PaveTech® offer a wide range of tools designed to mechanically place hardscapes with technologies that incorporate vacuums, clamps or even large machinery for commercial projects. But even with residential projects, jobs can be turned significantly faster utilizing some of these tools.

Eliminate Rain Delays with NOCO Storm Jointing Compound

In rainy climates, waiting for pavers to completely dry can be a frustrating waste of valuable time. New NOCO Storm™ from Techniseal® can be installed on wet or dry pavers and can be used for any non-vehicular application. Ideal for both narrow and wide joints, NOCO Storm can be used to joint concrete pavers, porcelain pavers or natural stone. And because NOCO Storm requires no compaction, you get to skip that step, too!

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For more jobsite efficiency ideas, read our Contractor’s Corner blog on Labor-Saving Ideas.

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