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Simplify Your Outdoor Spaces

July 11, 2023
Modular outdoor kitchen
Residential and Commercial hardscape projects with product manufactured by Amcor in Utah, Idaho and Colorado.

Celebrating the simplicity of outdoor living with Belgard

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” – Henry David Thoreau  

This quote waxes philosophical but rings true even in outdoor design. If you are trying to create an intricate geometric pattern, there’s no reason for the products or installation to make the process more difficult. Let’s celebrate how outdoor living and design can be made simpler with the right products.  

Modularity Simplifies Your Hardscape Projects  

From both a homeowner and contractor perspective, building and installing an outdoor living space can be challenging. No matter the size, it is time and labor-intensive. This has always meant more work for the contractor, taking them away from handling multiple projects. For the homeowner, it means having crews in their space for weeks, with less time spent outside (not to mention increased labor costs).  

Modular products have changed outdoor design, as they make installation simpler and more efficient. Products like Belgard Artforms use modular sizing, meaning they fit together easily with minimal cuts.  

Modular pavers like Origins and Dimensions use uniform sizing to reduce the time needed on-site and reduce waste. Because of the modular sizing, Origins and Dimensions can be mixed and matched to create unique designs and combine textures.  

Even geometric pavers utilize modular sizing, allowing them to be compatible with multiple other paver styles. This allows you to construct patterns that look intricate but require less effort.  

Geometric Shapes pavers
Geometric pavers also work off modular formats, so you can create nearly any pattern

Hardscape Materials Make Life Easier  

We can’t talk about simplicity without mentioning how easy hardscape products are to maintain. Using pavers to create a patio, walkway or driveway means you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your outdoor living space.  

You should, of course, engage in routine maintenance like sweeping. But you don’t need to apply much elbow grease on a regular basis. If you keep dirt and debris off your patio regularly, you’ll likely incur no stains or damage.  

If you do, however, see some staining, you can still get your pavers looking like new. You can use a hand brush or pressure washer (on a low setting), along with a specialized cleaning solution, to buff out stains from grease, dirt, food and more.  

Sealing is also a great way to keep pavers looking fresh – and only needs to be done once every three to five years.  


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