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Inside Out with Belgard: Create Your Landscape Design Legacy with Joe Palimeno 

August 9, 2022

In Episode #04 of Inside Out with Belgard, Joe Raboine, Belgard’s Director of Residential Hardscapes, chats with Joe Palimeno, Owner and Principal Landscape Designer at the international, award-winning design and build firm Ledden Palimeno. Joe Palimeno remains dedicated to creating incredibly unique and functional outdoor living spaces that complement the architecture style of the home and the surrounding landscape.  

Joe Raboine and Joe Palimeno are longtime friends, sharing experiences with the Philadelphia Flower Show, where Ledden Palimeno has been awarded multiple best in show wins. They both bring a love for thoughtful design, giving way to variety of topics, including:  

Joe Palimeno
  • Advice for contractors starting their journey to become a design-build firm  
  • How to problem solve through design to meet the expectations and unique styles of clients 
  • Tips on finding and pre-qualifying clients who meet your project standards  
  • Benefits of phasing large-scale projects over time  
  • How to position your business for longevity to withstand economic downturns  
  • How to create a legacy through design and innovative work  

Episode Takeaway: Joe Palimeno shares the importance of identifying what you want your business to be, and then working to make it how you’ve imagined. From a design standpoint, if you are not to the level you want to be yet, there are plenty of people who can help. Joe Palimeno realized his dream business by continuing to learn and educating himself on materials, design style and architecture – and, most importantly, listening to the client.  

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