• When installing pavers around a pool, the pool coping is a critical element to a successful build
  • Install or replace pool coping with concrete pavers for an attractive and durable finish
  • Follow our experts’ advice on prepping and setting pavers for a solid pool coping installation
  • Belgard pavers come with a lifetime structural warranty

If you’re installing pavers around a pool, the pool coping is a major design consideration. In addition to providing essential drainage, a non-slip surface, and a decorative finish, the coping is where your clients will envision themselves basking by the pool edge with friends, family, and an umbrella drink. Getting the coping design and installation right is critical to a successful pool build. Concrete or porcelain paver coping can also be installed throughout the poolscape design to add a cohesive look — for example, on outdoor steps, terrace edging, built-in planters, landscape wall caps, fire pits and more.

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Belgard’s top tips for pool coping installation

Whether you’re working on a new install or replacing an existing pool deck with coping and concrete pavers, you’ll want to ensure that this key design element is perfectly installed. Here are our top tips to creating beautiful and long-lasting pool coping:

  • Take time and care when preparing the sub-base – it lays the foundation for the whole system, so a strong base will set the entire install up for success. See our blog on installing a paver installation base.
  • Make sure the coping stones are level-set with mortar – don’t pitch the coping, since the pool deck itself will be pitched.
  • Ensure that coping pavers have a consistent 1-inch overhang.
  • Use a different color to mortar the joints in a complementary color to create contrast between the pavers. 
  • If the pool has an auto-cover with a track, do not mortar the track itself – instead, use a construction adhesive on the track portion, and mortar on the back side of the track.
  • Finish your pool deck by utilizing quality polymeric sand to lock in your pavers. Install foam expansion between coping and pavers to protect the bond seam.

Why choose a Belgard concrete paver for pool coping

Concrete pavers are a great choice for pool coping for their durability, chlorine- and salt-resistance, and natural, stone-like finish. They’re also comfortable underfoot and naturally slip-resistant. For a bullnose style, Belgard offers smooth, bullnose coping pavers in a variety of styles and colors that complement our wide selection of pavers – see why they’re a top pick for pool coping:

  • Durability: our pavers are designed to be extremely durable and come with a lifetime structural warranty.
  • Design: concrete coping pavers matched to our coordinating paver collections allow you to seamlessly connect your outdoor spaces.
  • Low-Maintenance: simple seasonal maintenance along with a periodic resealing (every 3-5 years) will preserve the beauty and integrity our concrete pavers. In the event of a damaged paver, it’s easy to repair a damaged section without undertaking a full renovation. 
  • Flexibility: our concrete coping pavers can also be used as a finishing accent in other applications such as wall seating, wall caps, steps, fire pit caps and more. 

For porcelain paver pool decks and steps, Belgard also offers coordinating porcelain Unico coping, which works especially well for contemporary zero-edge pools. Porcelain pavers offer the additional durability of stain resistance and create a beautiful contemporary look.

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  1. Hello John! Thank you so much for sharing such awesome tips on pool coping. To choose the best pavers or tiles for pools is a little daunting task but after reading these tips it becomes so much easy. I think everyone who is looking for pool pavers should know about it. Keep sharing.

  2. Hi,

    We are trying to decide between onyx pavers or another paver as a coping to match Oaks realtor champagne pavers.

    The ones in the picture at the top of this page look like they are the same color pattern as the pavers we already have. Do you have something similar and can you advise me what the ones in the top picture on this page are?

    Thank you in advance


    • I believe those pavers are Urbana Stone. Colors and products vary by market. Our site is geotargeted, so if you click here it will take you to the pavers that are available in your area.


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