The primary benefit of installing a hardscape patio is the lasting beauty. But precisely because it’s going to be there for a very long time, it’s important that you put a good bit of thought into the design. You want to make sure that the space will reflect your personality, as well as suit your functional needs. Below are some inspirational ideas for fabulous hardscape patios using Belgard pavers and wall products to reflect a wide variety of personal styles.

Cozy Rooms

.   .   .

Fun & Funky Paver Patterns

.   .   .

Fire Pit Patios

.   .   .

Sleek & Contemporary

.   .   .

Permeable Patios

For more patio design ideas, visit our Perfect Patios Pinterest Board.


    • There are a number of factors to consider. Your best option would be to find a local Belgard Authorized Contractor who could inspect the site and come up with a solution. Please click here to visit the Belgard locator page to find a contractor near you.

  1. I had no idea that pavers could give you such a versatile look in so many ways. I’ve always wanted to try and do something that’s going to make my patio stand out, and I really feel like pavers might be the way to go. I totally agree that you want the space to reflect your personality, so thank you for the advice!


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