Summer is the perfect time to host an outdoor get-together – the kids are out of school, the weather is gorgeous and the sun is shining. Below are some tips to consider when planning your next outdoor get-together. Cheers!

Choose a Theme
Selecting a theme for your get-together helps create a special atmosphere. Margaritas and a mariachi band for a fiesta, or costumes and croquet for a Great Gatsby-inspired brunch.

Keep Food Simple
Check the weather forecast when planning the menu. Hot, humid weather can make some foods go bad more quickly.

Dress the Tables
Keep your theme in mind when selecting table décor, from linens, floral arrangements and place settings.

Add Special Touches
Make name cards for the dining table, add a flower sprig to each napkin ring or label each dish on the buffet with thematic cards.

Make Guests Comfortable
Offer guests a beverage upon their arrival, stock the bathroom with plenty of toilet paper, and provide seating to accommodate the crowd you’re expecting.

Create a Signature Cocktail
We personally love this Cajun Bloody Mary, but you can create your own concoction to match your menu.

Set Up a Kids’ Table
Set up a kids’ table to entertain the children and allow the adults to chat – be sure to stock with art supplies and kid-friendly snacks like veggies and dip.

Keep the Conversation Flowing
Brainstorm topics to bring up should the conversation turn stale – remember that everyone might not already know each other and it’s your job to make everyone comfortable.

Memories to Last Forever
Snap photos before and during the party. Before pics let you preserve your party décor and inspire your next get-together.

Relax and Have Fun!
Remember, it’s a party for a reason. Relax and enjoy yourself, and don’t get too caught up in hosting.


  1. As the host it is sometimes difficult to relax. From the time you start planning the event, the stresses of making sure everyone will be properly accomodated can be overwhelming for some hosts. One great piece of advice is to not over do it, keep it simple but memorable.


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