Anglia Edger

A natural chiseled finish and tapered ends accentuate the natural texture and flexibility of the Anglia Edger® curb unit. It complements driveways, patios, walking paths and small planting areas. The large multi-size units of the Anglia Edger create a natural-looking curb with a minimal number of joints.Learn More

  • Walkway

Fossil Beige

Silex Blend


AquaStyl® will add a nice touch to your artistic mind. AquaStyl serves many purposes that include: pool copings, soldier course options, and steps in combination with Belgard's natural collection of pavers.Learn More

  • Pool Decks
  • Water

Fossil Beige

Silex Blend

Bullnose 6 in. Paver

The smooth surface of the bullnose paver offers many opportunities that are only limited by your imagination. Whether you are looking for something to surround your pool or searching for a unique step application, Belgard's bullnose paver is the answer. It complements many Belgard pavers including Dublin and Bergerac. Learn More

  • Pool Decks
  • Steps

Flash Brown

Liberty Blend

Sable Blend


Celtik Pier Kit

A perfect addition to Belgard's Celtik® Wall Collection, the Celtik Wall Pier Kit will add dimension and versatility to any project.Learn More

  • Pillars
  • Mailboxes
  • Wall


Sable Blend

Sheffield Blend

Country Manor Curb Stone

Country Manor® Curb Stone can be utilized in a number of ways to accent garden features, walkways, and driveways.Learn More

  • Walkway
  • Driveway

Flash Brown Blend

Sable Blend

Paver Accents

COMPLEMENTARY color & texture Use pavers of complementary colors and textures to create a coordinated, harmonious outdoor space. Lighter tones open up an area while darker ones make a space feel smaller and more intimate. Add depth to your space by blending pavers of similar tones. Pair pavers in the same collection—Natural, Classic and Transitional—for complementary textures that define outdoor sections yet offer a smooth transition from one area to another. CONTRASTING color & texture Combine pavers of contrasting colors and textures to create an intricate and aesthetically appealing design. Define your space by using dark paver colors to line an area of light color, or vice versa. Add depth with contrasting textures. Use pavers from different collections—Natural, Classic and Transitional—to pair contrasting textures to accent your outdoor area and add visual appeal. Learn More

  • Patio
  • Outdoor Living Room
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Walkway
  • Pool Decks

Lafitt Grana Slab, Cambridge Cobble and Holland Stone

Lafitt Grana Slab, Urbana Stone and Holland Stone

Lafitt Rustic Slab and Urbana Stone

Lafitt Rustic Slab, Holland Stone and Holland Stone

Mega-Arbel, Cambridge Cobble and Bergerac

Mega-Arbel, Old World and Urbana Stone