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Meet Papyrus

Belgard’s Newest Modular Paver
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A Modern, Modular Marvel

Papyrus is Belgard's most innovative paver yet. As we continue to innovate with textures not yet seen, we're expanding our most dynamic line of pavers with the addition of this modular, textural paver. With the look and feel of hand-tooled stone, Papyrus adds an upscale, organic look that elevates any space.


Inch-Perfect Creativity

Papyrus is Belgard’s most recent versatile, modular paver. Leveraging our unique modularity system built in 3″ increments, Papyrus can be intermingled with other modular pavers to create unique designs and patterns – all while reducing timelines and installation costs.

Artisan Collection

Artisanal Depth, Texture and Color

The newest member of our Artisan collection, Papyrus is an elegant and contemporary evolution of traditional outdoor pavers. Its natural texture is reminiscent of handmade textiles as it embodies the very definition of biophilic design. Whatever you’re constructing, Papyrus’ organic nature draws in the surrounding landscaping to create a complete and captivating space.

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