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4 Best Practices for Rooftop-Terrace Outdoor Living Projects

May 14, 2024

Take your customers’ outdoor projects to new heights. Explore the four best practices for rooftop and terrace conversions recommended by Belgard.

Featured: Mirage™ porcelain pavers on rooftop terrace.
Turn a rooftop into a sundeck. Featured: Mirage™ porcelain pavers.

More customers are wanting to make the most out of their available outdoor space. They are considering their rooftops for new outdoor living areas and exploring rooftop patio ideas. Whether they are wanting to convert a garage rooftop, add a terrace to a second story, or have an existing terrace in need of an upgrade, there is demand for contractors who can complete these types of projects. Belgard provides you with expert advice and services, so that you can incorporate rooftop projects in your offerings.

Rooftops and terraces provide practical solutions for optimizing space, especially when looking for ways to create an outdoor living space in an urban environment. This can be especially challenging if the available space has a sloped or uneven surface. To learn more about best practices for rooftop projects, read on to gain helpful insights, guidance and tips.

1. Select the right materials.

When selecting materials and products for rooftop and terrace projects, there are key product features that need to be considered.

“A lot of it comes back to determining what the intended use of the space will be,” says Mike McVey, Belgard Commercial National Team. He said that once you determine how your client intends to use the outdoor space, that is what will help you decide which material to use. Concrete, wood and porcelain pavers, as well as rooftop slabs, are among the many choices.

Rooftop and Terrace Conversations with Glocal Porcelain Pavers.
Create a terrace for outdoor living. Featured: Mirage™ and Glocal porcelain pavers.

2. Estimate costs for rooftop and terrace conversions.

To determine the cost of rooftop projects, there are specific methods you can use to get close estimates. “We can create pedestal layouts,” says McVey. “These layouts are used to map out where everything will be located, such as drains and other features.”

The layouts McVey mentioned will help you determine component counts and the supplies required for the project. Pedestal systems can also help provide a solution for installing over uneven or sloped surfaces. If you need help, consult with a Belgard representative and a dealer.

3. Tap into the right resources.

For a smooth-running, flawless project that’s within regulatory guidelines and meets safety standards, it is mandatory to have all the right resources for rooftop and terrace conversions. The Belgard Resource Guide provides you with technical information for Belgard’s products. This is a great resource to have on-hand for getting answers to all your questions.

Rooftop with Glocal and Mirage™ porcelain pavers installed.
Featured: Rooftop with Glocal and Mirage™ porcelain pavers installed.

To build safe and stable outdoor living spaces, consult with industry experts who can help guide you through the technical details of a project. They can assist you with data, installation methods, specifications and reviews. All these factors will help you in determining processes, procedures and all the products and tools needed for your project. For example, if you are in a region where high winds are common, you will need to select the right roof paver system and follow certain installation methods to be sure the rooftop withstands high winds.

“Materials for use on rooftops need to meet lift resistance, wind resistance and load resistance requirements,” McVey explains.

Engineering can also help you save on installation time. An example of this is found with tools like the Pedestal Estimator, which comes in handy for calculating the number and size of pedestals as well as the number of rooftop pavers needed to complete the project. From that, a map can be created to indicate where boxes of roof pavers need to be placed, so they can be installed efficiently.

4. Provide upkeep and maintenance.

Rooftop with Glocal and Mirage™ porcelain slabs.
Featured: Rooftop with Glocal and Mirage™ porcelain slabs.

Upon completion of projects, offer your clients maintenance packages and emphasize their importance. This includes visual inspections and cleaning.  “We offer a step-by-step process for repairs,” says McVey. These procedures ensure that safety and visual appeal are maintained for rooftop patios and terraces. To keep a rooftop patio or a terrace clean and well maintained, there are specific cleaning procedures to be followed and products to be used. Cleaning services offer homeowners convenient care options based on the products that were installed and ensure long-time enjoyment.

As you can see with these insights on the best practices for rooftop and terrace conversions, there is tremendous potential just waiting to be discovered. Offering these options to clients not only gives them the ability to optimize the space they have, but it also gives you another means to bring in more business. For more information on rooftop systems, see Rooftop Support and paver options at Belgard Commercial.

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