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An Inside Look at HNA and Equip Expo with Bob Thomas and Kris Kiser: Inside Out With Belgard 

October 28, 2023
Inside Out with Belgard podcast
Hardscape North America 2023
Hardscape North America is the industry’s premier tradeshow.

Inside Out with Belgard is back for its third season! We are excited to kick off with Bob Thomas, President and CEO of the Concrete Masonry and Hardscapes Association, and Kris Kiser, President and CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. Together, these two organizations each host the largest and most influential industry trade shows of the year, co-located on the same campus. Belgard is excited to attend their Hardscape North America (HNA) and Equip Exposition (Equip Expo) shows every year, and this year was no different. In episode #16, Joe sat down with Bob and Kris to talk about HNA and the Equip Expo and why the joint venture is such an important industry event.  

A Hands-On, Immersive Experience  

These shows don’t just showcase the latest products and innovative equipment. There also is an incredible amount of educational training and networking among attendees and exhibitors. Professionals of all industries — such as tree care, pool and spa, landscape management, hardscapes and more — provide a unique hands-on experience unlike any other trade show, with educational training on-site. 

HNA and Equip Expo offer immersive demonstrations, trainings, and peer-to-peer interactions that meet every attendee’s needs and expectations. Attendees view exhibitors laying pavers, operating machinery, even cutting trees – just a few examples of happenings at HNA and the Equip Expo. There is no limit to what professionals can learn and take back to their local businesses, making it a wise investment for any outdoor living business. 

Real World Learnings  

In this episode of Inside Out, Bob and Kris share why they brought the two shows together to create unlimited value for outdoor professionals. They dive into how every event, competition and experience at the shows are designed to help attendees improve their businesses. They describe how professionals across the industry are looking for more ways to leverage their investments and expand their businesses and services. The episode explores how HNA and Equip Expo give contractors, landscapers, and hardscapers exposure to new products, educational services and more to learn and grow in their careers.  


Evolving with the Trends  

This combined trade show has evolved every year with trends and the outdoor industry at large. COVID-19 caused a reconnection and sparked interest in the outdoors. Outside was a safe escape to cook, relax and chat with neighbors from a distance. Homeowners are still utilizing their yards as an extension of the home but are now investing more in their outdoor spaces. HNA and Equip Expo want to arm contractors with the ability to design and create functional spaces for homeowners during this evolution.  

Due to this shift, contractors need to be multifaceted and provide design, landscape, hardscape, irrigation services and more. Technology also has evolved, with Robotics and other mechanisms making installations and complex designs easier. Projects are getting bigger, too, and the collaboration of both shows offer helpful tools and tips for anything outdoor-related — whether it’s a backyard, corporate campus, or even a golf course.  

Stay Tuned This Season And Listen to More Episodes of Inside Out 

You can hear the full conversation with Bob, Kris and Joe by listening to the latest episode of Inside Out with Belgard. Keep up with the series by downloading and subscribing today. Inside Out with Belgard is available wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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