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Inside Out with Belgard: Level Up Outdoor Living with John Lea

July 7, 2022

Inside Out with Belgard is a podcast made for professionals, by professionals, who are passionate about outdoor living. Hosted by Joe Raboine, Belgard’s Director of Residential Hardscapes, this episode features a discussion between Joe and John Lea, an experienced contractor and the founder of Decksouth. The two discuss how COVID-19 impacted their industry, the incorporation of new technology into outdoor design and the future of contract work.  

John Lea

In Episode #01 of Inside Out with Belgard, Joe Raboine, Belgard’s Director of Residential Hardscapes, chats with John Lea, an experienced contractor and founder of Decksouth. As longtime colleagues, Joe and John explore the current state of the outdoor living industry.  

Both Joe and John hold decades of experience as outdoor living contractors, bringing interesting perspective to their conversation covering a wide variety of outdoor living topics, including:  

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the outdoor design industry and the growing desire for outdoor living spaces 
  • Behind the scenes of a full design and build company, including the use of mixed materials to achieve a comprehensive outdoor space 
  • The implementation of technology that allows clients to better visualize the final product 
  • What steps Decksouth is taking to prioritize their employees  
  • The return on investment that comes from transforming backyard spaces  

Also in this episode, John offers his thoughts on the future of contracting work and how to encourage the next generation of contractors. 

To finish off the episode, Joe and John discuss their motivations in the industry and their desire to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor living spaces that transform clients’ lives. 

Episode Takeaway: John reflects a touching moment when a client shares that while they might not be saving lives, they are changing lives with the impact that their work has on how homeowners live and enjoy their own backyard.  

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