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Make Patio Installation Easier with Techniseal© NextBase™ Foam Base Panels

May 10, 2022

Traditional patio installation can be time-consuming, requiring heavy equipment and truckloads of base material. This can be a challenge for smaller projects and projects in hard-to-reach places. Fortunately, there is now a faster, lighter way to lay a patio base with NextBase™ from Techniseal©

What is NextBase? 

Techniseal EZ Base Foam Base Panels

Techniseal’s NextBase is a system of overlapping, expanded polypropylene foam panels that can be laid as a paver base in place of a typical layer of aggregate. Constructed from durable material, these sturdy panels will last for decades. 

What are the benefits of using NextBase panels over traditional paver base materials like gravel and crushed stone? 

Benefits of EZ Base Panels Over Paver Base Materials

NextBase panels only require 3 inches of excavation compared to the 9 to 12 inches needed for standard installation. This eliminates the need for excavation equipment, and it also significantly reduces the amount of required material and associated costs. Each panel replaces 250 lbs. of aggregate material. For comparison, a single pack of NextBase panels, ten to a bundle, weighs around 14 lbs. 

What kind of projects are best suited for NextBase Foam Panels? 

Techniseal Stone Pool Backyard Patio

NextBase panels are a great option for various projects, from patios and pathways to pool decks. They are particularly well-suited for projects in fenced-in yards, townhomes, or other areas where it is challenging to bring in excavation equipment. 

It’s important to note that NextBase Foam Panels are for pedestrian-use projects only. They are not constructed for applications that will see vehicle use, like driveways. 

What terrains and climates are best suited for NextBase? 

EZ Base Foam Panels Driveway Installation

NextBase panels can be used in any terrain type, such as sand, clay or rock. They are an excellent solution for cold climates because they are not affected by issues from repeated freezes and thaws. For environments that deal with high moisture levels, NextBase panels are equipped with built-in drainage to help return rain and water to the underlying soil.   

What kind of pavers can be used with NextBase? 

Techniseal and EZ Base Foam Panels Concrete Pavers

Any paver material can be used with the NextBase system, including interlocking concrete pavers, porcelain pavers and natural stone.  

How are NextBase panels installed? 

EZ Base Foam Paver Base Walkway Installation
  1. Excavate the project area. The average depth for NextBase installation is 3 ¾”, including geotextile, panels, a sand layer, and tiles. 
  2. With a tamper or plate compactor, level out the area. 
  3. Lay geotextile. 
  4. Lay a ½” layer of bedding sand and level. 
  5. Place panels in a staggered pattern. The panels can easily be cut with a box cutter and are safe to walk on once laid. 

Getting Started with NextBase

You can find additional resources for installing NextBase Foam Panels on the Techniseal website, as well as their YouTube Channel.  

Joe Raboine
Joe Raboine is nationally renowned as an expert on hardscapes and outdoor living design. He began his tenure in the industry as a contractor, which gave him the knowledge base to become a true innovator on the manufacturing side. He revolutionized the outdoor kitchen industry with his creation of the Belgard Elements line of prefabricated kitchen and fireplace components. Joe also developed the concept behind the groundbreaking Belgard Design Studio, which creates photorealistic 3D and Virtual Reality design renderings of outdoor living projects. In his current role as Director of Belgard Hardscapes, he is sought after throughout the country for speaking engagements, webinars and media interviews for his knowledge on design trends, product innovations and industry best practices. A native of Wisconsin, Joe now lives in Atlanta with his wife and five children. They enjoy spending time in the outdoors hiking, kayaking and communing with nature.


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