Fire Pit Design Ideas

Fire pits appeal to people of all generations and backgrounds. There’s just something about sitting around a fire that brings people together. Get ready to create your family’s favorite gathering spot with these fire pit design ideas.

Coordinated Fire Pit Design

Squared angles and textured stone create a coordinated look for this rustic fire pit. Using the same retaining wall product to build the fire pit, seat walls, retaining walls and steps creates a cohesive look and blends various elements of the design together.

Mega-Arbel Fire Pit Design
Shown Fire Pit Products: Mega-Arbel® pavers, Celtik® Wall

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Room for All

This extra large fire pit design and surrounding open patio area includes plenty of space for seating and standing and is the perfect setting for large family gatherings. The only thing missing is a guitar.

Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas
Product: Mega-Arbel®  pavers

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Secluded Getaway

The curved retaining wall creates an element of privacy, turning the area surrounding this sunken fire pit into an intimate nook for sipping coffee with the sunrise or enjoying an evening glass of wine.

Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas from Northfield Chicago
Products: Mega-Arbel® pavers, Anchor Highland Stone® wall

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Maximizing Small Spaces for Stunning Fire Pits

A rectangular fire pit is an excellent option for a narrow patio and allows space for larger furniture pieces without sacrificing walking area. Gas-burning pits are a better choice for placement less than ten feet from the home.

rectangular fire pit design
Products: Belair Wall® (fire pit wall), Weston Stone® (fire pit base), Mega-Lafitt™ pavers

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Design Elements of Nature

This outdoor fire pit design combines the natural elements of stone, wood, fire and water to create an attractive gathering spot that complements the surrounding wooded landscape.

Natural Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas
Products: Weston Stone® wall, Bergerac® pavers

.  .  .

Bold & Beautiful Fire Pit Designs

Vibrant reds pull this outdoor fire pit design together, with red brick used for the fire pit, bar, columns and porch fascia that coordinates with the red tones of the patio’s eco-friendly permeable pavers.

Red Brick Fire Pit Patio Design Ideas
Product: Subterra® Stone permeable pavers

.  .  .

Destination Spot

By placing this fire pit kit and surrounding seat wall at the far end of the property, this area becomes as destination spot for intimate gatherings. Hardscape and landscape lighting provides additional ambiance and visibility.

4D Schusters Belgard Photography 2009.
Products: Bergerac® pavers, Weston Stone® wall

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For more fire pit ideas,visit the Belgard Fire Pit Pinterest Board or visit our contractor gallery to locate a Belgard Authorized Contractor near you.

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  1. Before I can order I would like to receive a new catalog. Of I’m to order the fire pit I’m thinking of moving to arizona and some of the homes I looked at the fire place would be perfect. And I like the built I gas grill built in. I need a new catalog before I chose what I want

    1. There may be a way to make a fire pit work for you. Depending on how tiny your yard is, you might need to opt for gas, since wood-burning pits should be 10 feet from any structure.

  2. Keep in mind, the higher the fire pit is constructed the less heat you will feel from it. Most of the ‘raised’ fire pits end up being for visual appeal rather than warmth. A fire pit raised to say shin or knee height will not throw heat on the legs, even if you are sitting within close proximity.

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