Product Spotlight: Mega Arbel

As many homeowners look to create outdoor spaces that have a natural look and blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, we’re spotlighting one of our favorite pavers, Mega Arbel.

Mega Arbel gives homeowners the perfectly integrated, natural-looking hardscapes they desire. Its scale is similar to natural flagstone. With its irregular shape and textured surface, Mega Arbel creates outdoor spaces that flow harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.

See how Mega Arbel becomes part of these outdoor living spaces:

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  1. We installed the Mega Arbel tile in our patio 3 years ago. Because the patio faces north, the tile and especially the grout have collected black mold stains. Is it safe to pressure wash the tile? Also, what mold-resistant grout do you recommend for replacing the existing grout?

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