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When embarking upon any outdoor living project, it’s important to select a qualified contractor you can trust. Choosing a Belgard Authorized Contractor makes that process easier, as we have already prescreened them for you.



Research typical project costs in your area. When considering a large project, discuss financing options with your contractor, or the possibility of building in phases. Belgard Authorized Contractors have access to the Belgard Preferred Payment same-as-cash financing program, which will help you build your dream now and pay over time. 



Think ahead. Most quality contractors are typically booked for weeks and sometimes months in advance. Keep in mind that the spring and summer are the busiest seasons for landscape and hardscape installation contractors.

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When choosing hardscape products, first consider the architectural style of your home, the surrounding landscape, and the size and function of the future hardscaped area. Your contractor can help guide you through the selection process. Browsing products by Collection will also help narrow the choices.

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  • Paver color: Contemporary designs tend towards monochromatic color schemes. However, you can add character by combining colors or using blended hues. Keep in mind that lighter colors reflect light and open up your space, while darker tones absorb light and can add a cozy quality. You should also consider how much sunlight a space gets, as colors can shift over time due to UV exposure, especially if sealant isn’t properly maintained.
  • Shapes and patterns: Paver shapes and installation patterns should complement the architectural style of your home. For example, contemporary architecture often works best with larger paver shapes laid in simple or modular patterns. Ornate Victorian-style homes can work well with equally ornate paver patterns that mimic architectural accents. The style of a rectangular Colonial home can be complemented by brick-shaped or cobbled pavers. Also, the right paver pattern can also help trick the eye to make a space seem larger or help it blend with the surrounding landscape.  
  • Paver textures: The driving trend in modern outdoor living design is to create a continuation of the indoor living environment. For best outcomes, choose a texture that complements both the interior and the exterior of your home so that everything works together as one continuous, flowing design. Texture styles can range from smooth, contemporary finishes to various interpretations of wood and natural stone.


For more design tips and information on current trends, visit the Outdoor Living by Belgard blog.



Belgard helps you visualize your project before finalizing your plans. Our Design Studio can work with your contractor to create 3D photorealistic imagery of your future space and even immerse you in the design with our Virtual Reality platform.

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For more planning tools, view our comprehensive PROJECT PLANNING GUIDE.