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Dijon Porcelain Paver

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Dijon Porcelain Paver

All the charm of age-old burgundy limestone with a contemporary edge.

Features & Benefits:

  • Variations in tone reflect the unique elegance of limestone
  • Incredibly high breakage loads, up to 3,000 pounds
  • High density and ultra-low absorption rate creates a tight surface texture and fends off surface mold, moss, dirt and other types of stains
  • Modular for faster installation
  • Unaffected by alkalis, acids, chemical agents, salt and other de-icing materials
  • Can be cleaned with normal household cleaners and even pressure washed with a low pressure washing device*
  • Structured top textures create non-slip surfaces
  • Freeze thaw resistant—100% frost-free and properties remain unaltered at temperatures ranging from -51.1o to + 60oC (-60°F to +140°F)

* It is important that all pressure washing of your porcelain pavers be done with a low pressure washer with a maximum of 1600 psi and nothing more powerful. When pressure washing your installation, care should be taken to prevent damage to the grout (adhesive and grout installations) and some re-sanding will be necessary when power washing an installation with sand or polymeric sand joints.


Technical Information
Dijon - 24 x 24
23.54 x 23.54 x 3/4"
Dijon - 24 x 36
23.54 x 35.35 x 3/4"
Dijon - 24 x 48
23.54 x 47.17 x 3/4"
Technical Information

Cut Sheet

Dijon – Material Bank – Cut Sheet


Porcelain Pavers Installation Guide
Porcelain Technical Spec Sheet

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