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  1. Love all the Belgard paver patio ideas and stone color combinations
    Are there any Belgard approved patio paver installers in the western Suburbs of Chicago.
    Does Belgard also produce thin paver veneers that could be placed over an existing Concrete patio?
    Then continue to enlarge the patio ( past the existing concrete) with normal paver thickness…. Also Does Belgard show a detail ( cross section) of pavers set on Concrete or better yet pavers set on Pervious concrete instead of sand?

    1. There are several Belgard authorized contractors in the greater Chicago area. You can find them by visiting http://www.Belgard.com/locator. Belgard offers a number of products that can overlay concrete, including Lafitt Rustic Slab and several options of Porcelain Pavers. There may also be other options of paver styles in your region that can be used in overlay situations. Consult with a local contractor for more details. Your contractor can also discuss paver base options for the extension, which may depend upon your local soil conditions.

  2. I love the look of these curved seating walls. The colorful pillows also look striking against the stone back. What seat depth is needed for a comfortable seat. Does adding pillows require my width? Thanks!

    1. This photo shows a seat depth of 12″. However, if you plan to use throw pillows, a more comfortable depth may be 20-24″, depending on the depth of the pillows. Another option would be to place seat cushions on the seat itself. If you plan to do this, a good seat height would be 14″.

  3. Thanks. If we use seat cushions on the seat itself, are you saying the seat depth, rather than the height, could comfortably be 14 inches? I am trying to determine what the necessary seat depth is for comfortable seating.

    1. Seat height with seat cushions would be 14″. Seat depth with back pillows would be 20-24″, depending thickness of the pillows.

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