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    1. Paver colors vary by region due to our manufacturing process that uses local aggregates. This project was done in California. We’ve requested information on the specific color used and will post that info as soon as it is available. In the meantime, to get a better idea of the colors available in your market, please consult your local dealer by visiting our dealer locator page.

    2. We were able to pull all of the product information from this job. This is more info than you originally requested, but for reference if needed.
      Mega-Lafitt – Toscana Field (patios)
      Mega-Lafitt – Victorian Field (border)
      Tandem Wall – Danville Beige (around pool)
      Tandem Wall Caps– Shelby Blend
      Bristol Brick Oven & Fireplace – Cotswold Mist
      Urbana – Victorian (driveway border and apron)
      Weston Wall – Toscana (firepit)
      Mega-Bergerac Circle – Victorian (surrounding firepit)

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