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Outdoor Entertaining Tip of the Month: Enjoying the Dog Days of Summer

July 8, 2013
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It’s just a few weeks into summer and we’re already feeling the heat in many parts of the country. While the summer months provide the warm weather to enjoy our outdoor spaces, the dog days of summer can sometimes mean higher temperatures than we’d prefer. Here are some tips for enjoying your patio even on the hottest of days: – Shade and sunscreen are a winning combination for hot summer days. Make sure your outdoor space has a shady retreat to escape the sun and always wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days. – One of our favorite ways of staying cool in the summer is going for a dip in the pool. Pools that integrate into your outdoor space become a stunning visual throughout the year. – Stock your outdoor fridge with plenty of drinks. Cool, refreshing beverages will keep you hydrated throughout the day. – An outdoor fan is a great option for porches or patios with a ceiling overhead. They help circulate the air and can provide just the right amount of breeze on no-wind days. – Always remember, safety first. If the temperatures are just too high to tolerate, stay indoors. The elderly and those with health conditions are most at risk so take proper caution on severe heat days.

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