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Introducing Belgard Design Studio

December 2, 2010
belgard firepit
Landscape designers and contractors looking to increase their closure rate and boost profit margins have a new sales tool available at the click of a mouse.  The new Belgard Design Studio has completed testing of the pilot program, and the online studio is now available for open participation. Contractors who participated in the pilot program achieved an average closure rate of 85%, and jobs closed utilizing the Belgard Design Studio boasted higher margins and fewer complications than other projects. Bring your designs to life and help clients visualize how the Belgard and Harmony Elements product lines can transform their backyards. 4 Levels of Service Available:
  • FREE: Download each of 12 free backyard design plans from our online design library. Each design includes 3-D animated fly-throughs, 2-D photorealistic screen shots from various views, project dimensions, and materials lists.
  • BASIC SERVICE: Already have a design in mind? Send us your 2-D drawings, and we’ll convert the image to 3-D renderings. Cost: Starting at $99.
  • DELUXE SERVICE: Basic service plus 3 photorealistic screen shots, project dimensions, and materials list. Cost: Starting at $199.
  • PREMIER SERVICE: Deluxe service plus fly-through animation and a jump drive. Cost: Starting at $299.
“The purpose of this program is to help contractors save time and sell more by allowing clients to get a real vision of how they will live in the space,” says Belgard V.P. of Marketing, Ken O’Neill. “Two-dimensional drawings really only show specs, they are flat and lifeless. 3-D renderings and animation allow the homeowner to visually walk through the space and account for traffic flow, outdoor furnishings, landscaping, lighting, colors, and a host of other factors. They can also get a better idea of how to phase out their dream scenario, which creates a long-term relationship between the contractor and the homeowner, ensuring not only a higher probability of closing this sale, but also future sales down the road.” Participants in the pilot program agree. “Belgard’s 3-D renderings really got the client’s attention,” says Derek Harwood of Lee’s Landscaping & Design of Minneapolis, MN. “Access to the Design Studio gives me a competitive edge over others bidding for the job. And, I can pick and choose the projects that I know will benefit from a 3-D rendering.” Additional designs are currently in development for the free online design library. Basic, Deluxe, and Premier services are 3-D conversion services for your existing 2-D designs. Custom design services are not available at this time. Turn-around time on 3-D conversion services varies depending on the scope of the project. For additional information, please visit

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