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Project Considerations

  • How big Should Your SpaceThe general project should be conducted in phases, which include: demolition, site preparation, base material installation, bedding sand installation, hardscape installation, polymeric sand installation, additional paver cleaning and sealing.
  • The timeline for your hardscaping project depends on several factors including the size and scale of the project, permits needed (which vary by municipality), and the acceptance of any community organizations, such as homeowner associations or architectural review boards.
  • All outdoor projects are subject to weather conditions so there could always be delays.
  • Spring and summer are the busiest periods for contractors, so start your planning during the winter months or consider scheduling your project in slower periods.
  • Confirm all the work you’d like done is contracted and scheduled up front. Adding additional features will delay the schedule and add to the total cost.
  • Check with your contractor to ensure that all items being installed are readily available or match your timeframe.
  • Be sure to discuss with your neighbors any construction phases that might be disruptive so that you can communicate that information to them as needed.
  • If you have a large project and would like to phase out construction over time, be sure to plan the entire design before you get started so that you can plan for any electrical, plumbing, drainage or landscaping needs.
  • Consider building your backyard before any projects in the front yard to avoid damaging your front yard.
  • When your project is finished, walk through it with your contractor to ensure the quality of the install, and ensure you have receipts for materials / labor and have registered your warranty.
  • Always take into consideration the next step of the project: What does the landscaping look like? Do you need to schedule the contractor to seal the pavers? Plan ahead to make sure you finalize your project and can enjoy it for years to come.