While we recommend consulting with a Belgard Authorized Contractor, we understand the desire to get your hands dirty and install pavers yourself. So, here’s a handy step by step paver installation guide to your Belgard installation.

How to Install Pavers

Step 1: Prepare your space.

To install Belgard hardscapes, begin by outlining the project space with wooden stakes and string. Remove the sod and excavate the marked area. Be sure to dig at least 6-8 inches down to ensure best results. Once completed, fill the area with a base (i.e. crushed rock). This layer should be approximately 4 inches deep throughout, then raked until the surface is level. Finally, use a manual compactor to condense the base into a solid foundation.

Step 2: Place your pavers.

Using 1-inch PVC pipe, place two pieces parallel to one another across the base rock. Spread your leveling sand between the pipes, then smooth the sand out to be completely level with the PVC. Remove the pipes and fill in any voids. IMPORTANT: Do not compact or walk on the sand. Working your way outward, begin laying your pavers in a staggered pattern. Measure over to your string line often to stay on track.

Step 3: Sand and sweep.

Once all pavers are in place, sweep PermaSand diagonally across the area and into every joint. Working from the perimeter inward, use a rubber mallet to set the pavers evenly—going over the surface at least twice to ensure the area is level. Then sweep a final layer of sand over the area ensuring every joint is filled.

For questions on how to install Belgard pavers, please contact us.