• Labor can run as much as 2-3 times material costs.
  • Work with your contractor to determine when payments are due.
  • Research what typical projects in your area cost.
  • Ask neighbors about their projects to get some ideas about how much it can cost.
  • Get multiple quotes from several contractors.
  • Bigger projects will cost more. A fireplace will be significantly more expensive than a fire pit as it requires to comply with specific construction and engineering codes.
  • Plan the project in phases to meet your budget.
  • Linear designs that require less cutting and building will be less expensive than circular or winding patterns.
  • If you’re planning on building your outdoor space in phases, make sure the contractor knows, so the space is prepped for adding any required utilities in the future.
  • Leveling your land can be costly, so consider building down into the slope.
  • Research cost on the products online and look for similar products in a price range so you have options.
  • Review financing options and consider Belgard Preferred Payment®. 

Sometimes, it’s not feasible to install your entire dream scenario at once. If you need to install your project in phases over a period of months or years, discuss a phase plan with your contractor that will make the most sense, both from a cost standpoint and with regard to your lifestyle.

Make sure to develop construction plans for those future improvements upfront, even if the project won't happen for years. That way, you can install footings or run utility lines that will be needed later.

You can also consider financing options. By choosing a Belgard Authorized Contractor, you could also have access to special Belgard Preferred Payment same-as-cash financing, which may allow you to take advantage of construction efficiencies and avoid having to build in phases.

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